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Press conference of A-League leader’s family without security of life

The family of an Awami League leader has alleged that he was involved in a murder case during the election clash in Hemayetpur Union in Pabna. They also sought the cooperation of the concerned authorities in demanding safety of life and release from the case.

The family of AKM Mahbubul Alam, youth and sports affairs secretary of Sadar Upazila Awami League, made the demand at a press conference at Pabna Press Club auditorium on Monday afternoon.

Mehnub Parveen, daughter of Mahbubul Alam, told a news conference that a young man named Shamim was killed in a post-election meeting in Nazirpur village of Hemayetpur UP on December 26 last year. Shamim was a supporter of Awami League chairman candidate Manjurul Islam Madhur in the UP elections. Despite not having any involvement in this incident, my father Mahbubul Alam was implicated in the murder out of revenge. At one point he attacked our house with the intention of killing his father. When the terrorists could not find my father, they ransacked our house, set it on fire and looted 20 gold ornaments, land papers and gun licenses. They also beat up female members of the household.

Mehnaz further said that my father was not involved in the murder of Shamim, the father of the deceased Shamim was also informed by the police administration and Sadar constituency MP Golam Farooq Prince Kef. Manjurul Islam has been involved in the murder case of his father’s name for political interests. We demand proper investigation and justice.

Salma Sultana, wife of AKM Mahbubul Alam, who was present at the press conference, said, “They have threatened to kill my husband wherever they find him.” As Manjurul Islam Madhur protested against the misdeeds of the terrorist forces, they involved my husband in a false case and left the area. I am spending inhumane days in people’s house with my three daughters. We want security of life.

Officer-in-charge of Pabna Sadar Police Station Aminul Islam said the attack on Mahbubul Alam’s house took place after he was killed in an election clash. A case has been filed in this regard. An operation is underway to arrest the accused. Police have been deployed at the house for the safety of Mahbubul Alam’s family.



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