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‘Rape’ for 2 years in a row, young woman’s position in boyfriend’s house demanding marriage

After falling in love in Pabna’s Bhangura, a young woman has taken up residence in her son’s house, alleging rape for two years, for fear of spreading the video of the sexual relationship on her mobile phone. The accused was identified as Bulbul Ahmed Bipul, 30, son of Ismail Hossain of Gajarmara village under Mandutosh union of the upazila.

The incident came to light on Friday (December 31) morning when the people of Bipul’s house beat the girl and kicked her out of the house.

The girl’s home is in Ullapara upazila of Sirajganj. The girl has been staying at Bipul’s house since December 26.

It is known that he met Bipul through Facebook about four years ago. Then a love affair developed between them. A few days later, when Bipul pressured her to meet him, the girl met him. At this time, Bipul took him to his sister’s house and got involved in a physical affair and tactfully recorded the incident on his mobile phone.

According to the girl’s commentary, she was taken to different places several times for fear of spreading the video. At one stage, when the girl became pregnant, she was forced to destroy the baby through drugs for five months. To get rid of this condition, the girl apologized to Bipul but was not released. Then he pressured Bipul to get married. When the girl started avoiding the big issue, she came from Ullapara to the CNG stand of Bhangura upazila on December 26 and started looking for the big one. The people present there recognized Bipul and informed him. Although Bipul was present there, he managed to get out of there.

Unable to find a way, the girl came to Bipul’s house demanding marriage with the address of the people present. Concerned UP chairman Afsar Ali came to know about the matter and appointed village police to ensure that the girl was not harmed. Despite being under police guard for the last two days, the girl was beaten by her family members and taken out of the house on the morning of December 31.

Asked why he had beaten the girl and kicked her out, Bipul’s father Ismail Hossain said he had kicked her out of the house on the instructions of the upper house.
On hearing the incident, Chairman Afsar Ali reappeared and pressured Ismail Hossain to produce his son. And he instructed the village police not to beat the girl anymore.

The chairman further said that normally no girl can come to another’s house just because of love affair. I also believe that the girl alleged that she was raped by showing the video. The boy’s father has been asked to present his son and the girl’s family has been informed that they will actually be given in marriage.

However, the fugitive tried to talk to Bipul on his mobile phone but could not find him.

Officer-in-charge of Bhangura police station Faisal bin Ahsan said, “I have been informed about the matter through the union chairman.” I heard that an attempt is being made to resolve the issue socially. He also said that the Beat police officer has been asked to look into the matter.



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