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Rate against arch-rivals, what Xavi says

The first El Clasico after taking charge of Barcelona. Xavi Hernandez was optimistic about the Spanish Super Cup semi-final match against Real Madrid despite the team’s recent performance or injury problems.

However, despite a fierce battle, the Catalan club had to lose in the end. In a post-match response, Barাa coach Xavi Hernandez said the day was important. We managed to save the match for 90 minutes. I was even ahead of Real in some moments of the match. But in the end the momentum could not be held.

However, he said, we can be proud of the way our boys have played.

“We were ahead of them several times,” Xavi said. But something was wrong. Those who could not be corrected have lost. It feels bad to lose a match, but we are happy with our performance.

“I have no complaints about the players,” he said. They gave their best.

The result was a 2-2 draw at the scheduled time of the match on Wednesday (January 12) night. Madrid won the first El Clাসsico of the season with a goal from Valverde in the first half of extra time. Carlo Ancelotti’s side are just one step away from their twelfth title in the Spanish Super Cup.

There is no Messi-Ronaldo, so what! El Clasico’s insanity is that historic. Barcelona is not even close to Real Madrid. The winning team in each of the last four fights between the two teams is named Real. Desperate to prove the myth of Barcelona, ​​Madrid went ahead in the 25th minute of the match. Venice Jr. put Real ahead with a score at the King Fahad Stadium in Saudi Arabia.

However, if the dignity is hurt or consciousness comes. Barsa also came. Luke de Young equalized for Bar্সa by fooling Real in the first half.
The game starts from the break and goes on. Xavi and Ancelotti both set out on an all-out football attack with Fatih and Benzema. And the world saw it stunned. Bar গেলa fought hard against the relatively strong Real Madrid. But could not get to the experience. Real made it 2-1 with Benzema’s pair of boots.

There are still 16 minutes left in the match. You can’t bow your head in any way. A fight for dignity! The remaining time of the match was 7 minutes. Everyone assumed that Barাa was going to taste the fifth consecutive draw in El Clasico. But Ansu Fati, wearing Messi’s jersey number, equalized for Bar্সa with a goal in the last minute. Like Messi, he saved one of the most popular clubs on the planet as a savior. Extra time in the match.

However, Barাa could not maintain the temperament of the long match. If he makes a mistake with the top team in La Liga, he will have to pay the price. Barcelona also had to pay. Real took the lead for the third time in the 7th minute of extra time with a great goal from Rodrigo’s pass Valverde. Bar could not pay for the rest of the time in the nerve-wracking match.



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