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Recipients are suffering to get e-passport

The date and time of taking pictures for e-passport online two months ago is all pre-determined but ordinary people who come to get passport are not able to give biometric on time. Even after standing in line for hours, the desired service is not available. Such a picture is now in the passport offices.

Entering the era of e-passport, the service in the passport office did not mean the impression of modernity. Only due to lack of manpower, the service recipients are being deprived of all modern services. However, the Passport Department says that if the manpower is increased, the people of the country will get world class services in the passport office.

Customers wait in long lines for passports in every room, as if there is no place to store sesame seeds. Although there is a set time and date for filling out the form.

Ordinary people linger to give biometrics from morning, where there is no opportunity to sit. After waiting for hours, some people have to return without getting any service.

The service recipients say that the quality of service here is very low. Manpower should be increased here. People would not have suffered if the officers had been promoted.

Agargaon Passport Office. Although it has the capacity to serve an average of one thousand people every day, two and a half thousand people come to this office just to give biometrics. And other services took 3 thousand more. In this, instead of service, he became a victim of misery.

In the last few years, the passport office was supposed to provide modern services along with infrastructural development, but it is fading away due to manpower crisis. And the brokers are taking that opportunity.

Abdullah Al Mamun, director of the Dhaka Passport Office, said five of the 50 officers were working. And for two and a half thousand biometrics, it will take about 75 people. I have 26 people here. We are not giving back to anyone. Work is done from 8 am to 8-9 pm.

Besides the Dhaka offices, there is also a manpower crisis in the divisional offices. In 2016, the Passport Department applied to the Ministry of Home Affairs for the first 6,000 manpower to solve the crisis. After five years, the ministry has approved the recruitment of only 300 people from there.

Major General Mohammad Ayub Chowdhury, Director General of the Immigration and Passport Department, said, “With the increase in manpower, it is becoming difficult for us to provide services.” Manpower is needed for training here, manpower is also needed for the centrality issue of e-passport. In addition, manpower is also required for enrollment.

E-passport program was launched in 2021 in 72 regional passport offices of the country.



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