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Reputed company’s logo is being used in low quality electrical products

Electrical products of reputed companies are being made in unlicensed factories. Later it is spreading all over the country at a nominal price. Users are increasing the risk of these low quality products. One after another fires are happening along with death due to electric shock.

Detective police have arrested two members of the dishonest syndicate. About 50 lakh counterfeit electrical products have been recovered.

In most cases, the cause of a fire is an electrical short circuit. Many times the investigation also matches its authenticity. Electricity is also responsible for 65 to 70 percent of recent fires, according to the fire service. The main reason is counterfeit and low quality electrical products.

In a raid on a factory in the capital’s Jatrabari area, detectives recovered a machine worth about Tk 6 crore, which was used to make counterfeit electrical goods worth Tk 1 million a day. Fake electric switch sockets and button holders worth about Rs 50 lakh were recovered. The factory used to make counterfeit products of established company Superstar. The owner and artisan have been arrested.

In the last few months, the sales of the superstar company have decreased by 50 percent. While conducting a market survey, the marketing department found that their electronic products were being marketed at low prices by copying exactly. The unscrupulous switch made at a cost of only 2 rupees was selling at a wholesale price of 10 rupees.

The market for these low quality counterfeit products is sour. On the one hand, the established company is losing buyers. The government is losing revenue. And users at risk.

Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ashraf Hossain said they had been making electrical appliances for a long time. They are using inferior things while writing high quality names and good company logos. Everyone knows that electrical short circuits are the main cause of most fires. These low-quality electrical appliances are the main cause of large-scale fires.

Police advised companies set up to identify counterfeit products to use hallmarks as well as warn consumers.



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