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Ronaldo’s sculpture in Goa

A sculpture of world-class footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been erected in Panaji, the capital of Goa, India.It is learned that the sculpture of Ronaldo was erected on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Portuguese colony of Goa from Portuguese rule. However, in the meantime, there is a controversy over the placement of the sculpture.

According to the sculptors, the sculpture was set up under the auspices of the Goa government to inspire the country’s youth to play football in the 70 years since the liberation from Portuguese rule. Although many are saying, why put a sculpture of a foreign footballer to inspire young people! What is the lack of local stars playing at the national level!

Goa Minister Michael Lobo said, “We have created this sculpture to inspire the youth, to take the football of the state and the country further in the future.” We want our young footballers to be like this Portuguese star. That is a living legend. ‘

It is known that the Ronaldo sculpture weighs about 410 kg. It cost more than 12 lakh rupees to make. It also took about three years to create this sculpture of the Portuguese star.

“This is the first time a sculpture of Ronaldo has been erected in India,” said Michael Lobo. It is nothing more than the inspiration of our youth. If you want to take football to a better level then there is nothing wrong with that. You take selfies with the sculpture and look at it, as well as encourage young people to play football.

Responding to the controversy over the installation of the sculpture, he said some people were protesting. These are the people who can’t see the country moving forward in sports. Those who oppose the installation of the sculpture, I think, hate football. They don’t believe in football. Football is a game where everyone is equal regardless of race, caste, religion etc. Even then, some people are protesting with black flags. I can’t say anything about that, I just want to pay homage to him (Ronaldo’s sculpture). ‘

Earlier, in 2016, a bust sculpture of the Portuguese forward was made at the airport in his hometown Madeira. But the sculpture was so distorted to look at that it had nothing in common with Ronaldo. There has been a lot of laughter and jokes about this on social media.

But it is better to see the sculpture of Goa than that. However, the debate is not stopping. Many people are saying that Ronaldo’s sculpture means controversy!



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