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Sarah Winchester, a woman who gained notoriety

Sarah was born in 1839 in New Haven, Winchester, USA. He was the heir to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Sarah was one of the richest men in those days. Her husband was famous for his rifle business.

But the strange thing is that this woman gained notoriety for building a maze palace in California. The reason is that Sarah used to communicate with the soul of her dead husband during the construction of the palace. And this is why he got notoriety.

Sarah was married to a Winchester family in New Haven, Winchester. Sarah amassed a fortune after the untimely deaths of her husband William Wirth Winchester and her mother-in-law Jane Ellen Hope. Her husband died shortly after the marriage.

After their deaths, Sarah began to believe that the untimely deaths of her husband and daughter were the result of karma for all those killed by the Winchester Rifles.

It is said that Winchester was told in a dream by a medium that he would have to build a house to calm the souls of those killed as well as to protect himself. From then on, Sarah began building a huge 160-room palace in San Jose, California.

He hired a twenty-four hour construction team. He was convinced that he had been cursed by the spirits of those killed by the Winchester Rifles, and that the only way to protect himself was to constantly add rooms to his California home.

From then on, he started adding one room after another to the palace and his whole palace turned into a 180-room palace.

It is learned that the rooms inside the house were part of a grand scheme to “confuse” the spirits of the dead with labyrinths, interior-facing windows, open doors for walls and escalators. The layout of the house is designed like a maze.

On the upper floor some doors are left open and the stairs end at the ceiling, in the larger rooms the smaller rooms, the merchant windows are burned into many of the walls. That staircase cannot be climbed. When you open the door, you can’t see anything. Another feature of the house is the number of ‘thirteen’. Almost all the stairs have thirteen steps, a few rooms with thirteen windows. The 160 rooms have about two thousand doors, about ten thousand windows and forty-seven fireplaces. The home has a wide interior layout designed to seemingly confuse spirits. That is why the house is also called haunted house.

Following Winchester’s death on September 5, 1922, due to congestive heart failure, the already famous home was sold. Currently, Winchester Mystery House is a tourist attraction in San Jose, California, and the former home of Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester Rifles.

Sarah was buried beside her husband and their infant child. The most surprising thing is that he left a will in thirteen sections, which he signed thirteen times. It is known that the palace was ruled by ghosts until his death in 1922.



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