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Saudi guidelines on the dress of women Umrah pilgrims

Saudi guidelines on the dress of women Umrah pilgrims

Saudi Arabia has decided what kind of clothing women can wear to perform the holy Umrah in Mecca.

This information has been given in a report of Middle East-based media Gulf News.

The country’s Ministry of Umrah and Hajj said on social media X (formerly Twitter),

The ministry also said that women can wear any dress of their choice while performing Umrah. But it must be within the rules.

The Saudi government has been allowing Umrah since last year without a male guardian or ‘Mahram’. But in this case a condition has to be accepted. That is, women have to perform the holy Umrah as part of a group.

Meanwhile, fresh instructions have been issued for the worshipers regarding Zamzam well water. The authorities have advised the worshipers of the two holy mosques to follow certain guidelines in taking Zamzam water and drinking from containers.

The guidance issued by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia advises avoiding jostling with other worshipers while taking and drinking Zamzam water, practicing philanthropy and giving priority to the elderly.

These instructions have been issued in view of the new Umrah season. It also states that after drinking Zamzam water, one-time cups (one-time cups) should be thrown away. And while drinking it should be done carefully so that water does not fall on the floor. Because if water falls on the floor, the environment becomes dirty very quickly.

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