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Scientists have given horrible information about human eyes

The use of mobile phones or computers is increasing. This use has increased especially since the time of Atimari. Recent research has shown that the shape of the eyes is changing due to its terrible effect.

Research has shown that when we use a mobile phone, we hold it very close to our eyes. The shape of the eye is changing as it adapts to the light of that device. The eyeballs are now taking on the shape of olives, instead of the pictures of the round shape of the eyes that we used to see in science books. As a result, the front of the eye is protruding outwards. That is what some ophthalmologists in England say.

But this is not the end. At this rate of change in the shape of the eyes, in fact, will have an effect on future generations. Such is the fear of scientists.

According to the study, people look at the phone for an average of 6 hours and 55 minutes every day. As long as he stays awake, he spends about 46 percent of his time sitting in front of the phone or computer. As a result, the shape of the eyes is changing. The biggest impact is on children. Adult eyes may return to normal. But in the case of children, there is no danger of that happening in the future. Because their eye development is not complete before the age of 16-18. Excessive use of mobile phones at this time changes the shape of their eyes.

Why is that? Doctors say that when we look at a mobile phone, we look at it in such a way that the focus is on the screen of the phone. The more we look at everything behind it, the clearer the picture of the phone will be. If it continues for a long time, the eyes also try to narrow the path of light. That is why the shape of the eyes changes. This is called ‘short sighted eye’ in medical terms.

How to reduce this problem? Doctors say he spends at least two hours a day outdoors. You can walk in the sun. That will reduce the problem. And after 20 minutes of continuous work, look at something that is at least 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds.

Some people talk about eating carrots to keep their eyes well, some people talk about small fish. But there is no food other than carrots and small fish? But it is not. Instead, eye care can be achieved by eating a variety of nutritious foods. A nutritious diet can eliminate problems like cataracts and dry eyes. Foods should contain a variety of proteins, vitamins, calcium, anti-oxidants. Only then the eyes will be healthy. So let’s not know what can be eaten for eye health-

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