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Secretly selling government books, picking up a pickup van with books after getting a call at 999

Police have seized a freight pickup van while selling 25 tonnes of government books in Laxmipur. The pickup van was seized from Mirganj area of ​​Raipur upazila after receiving information on 999. It is alleged that the headmaster of the local Mirganj High School, Shamshuttaohid, secretly sold the books along with the examination books and cartons of different periods of the school.

Some of the students, teachers and parents of the school said that after being appointed as the headmaster in 1994, 26 years ago, Shamshutta has been doubling the number of books in the school by doubling the number of existing students. He has been embezzling money by distributing half of the books among the students and selling the rest secretly. Similarly, on Wednesday 12 January (January 13) at half past noon during the break saw the school office assistant Abdul Hadi picking up 20 sacks of books in a pickup truck. When asked where the book was being taken from him at that time, he said – Head sir knows. He is also putting the book bags in the car. The books were sold by Head Sir. News of the secret sale of government books spread within moments, with students, parents and locals seizing the pickup van. At this time tension spread in the area. When I called 999, Raipur police came and seized the pickup van with the book.

Upon receiving the news, Raipur Upazila Secondary Education Officer AKM Saiful Haque and Assistant Commissioner (Land) Russell Iqbal in charge of Raipur Upazila Nirbahi Officer visited the spot and assured the agitated teachers, students, parents and locals that the matter would be resolved legally.

On condition of anonymity, a senior teacher of the school said that the headmaster had embezzled huge amount of money from different sectors of the traditional Mirganj High School. He was illegally recruited for political influence. He sells whatever school supplies he has and takes the money in his pocket. When locals, including teachers and staff, protest against his corruption, he fears political influence.

According to the complainant, the headmaster lost about 20,000 rupees by selling about 25 books.

Asked about the secret sale of books, Mirganj High School headmaster Shamshutta Oheed said he had verbally informed the Upazila Secondary Education Officer about the sale of books. He has sold books with verbal permission. Other allegations are false and baseless. He said a gang was harassing him.

When asked on his mobile phone what kind of action has been taken in this regard, Raipur Upazila Secondary Education Officer AKM Saiful Haque said that the matter has been resolved.

Asked what kind of solution has been found, he said the headmaster has been asked to deposit the money from the sale of government books in the government treasury.

Asked if the headmaster could sell government books at auction without permission, AKM Saiful Haque got excited and gave an excuse to be busy with other work.

Meanwhile, when asked about the sale of these undistributed books, an official concerned said that the sale of books is prohibited by government rules. If there are any books left after distribution among the students in a school, the headmaster should inform the concerned secondary education officer about the number of books by letter. The concerned education officer will inform the matter to the education department through appropriate means. Distributed books should be submitted to the Upazila Education Officer.

If the department allows the sale, the Upazila Secondary Education Officer will have to form an auction committee. The committee will be able to sell books at open auction at competitive prices. That money has to be deposited in the government treasury. The headmaster will not be able to sell the book himself in any way whether it is secret or public. If proven, departmental and legal action can be taken against him.

In this regard, District Education Officer (Acting) Abdul Matin said, the headmaster is not allowed to sell government books. The Raipur Upazila Secondary Education Officer informed me about the matter a little earlier. He said the matter would be investigated.



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