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Short film competition held at BRAC University

BRAC University has held a short film competition. On Thursday (August 12), BRAC University Film Club organized ‘Computer Mania BD Presents Mirror Five Powered by Lagvelki’.

The main purpose of this event is to bring out talented young producers from among the students of BRAC University. BRAC University Film Club is one of the most popular clubs in the university.
The entire event was sponsored by Computer Mania Bid and Lagvelki. Also, Time TV and on-campus media partners as media partners were BRAC Express, Food Partners Kabsa and Peng. Pengbro was the grand final streaming partner of the competition. Star Cineplex was a lifelong entertainment partner of BRAC University Film Club as an entertainment partner.

The judges of the competition were filmmaker Amitabh Reza Chowdhury and film director Gias Uddin Selim. However, Amitabh Reza Chowdhury could not attend the online grand final due to some personal reasons. Gias Uddin Selim had earlier been a judge in the BRAC University Film Club competition. Asked how the club’s activities can be further enhanced and improved, he said, “If the situation is normal, a three-day workshop can be organized after the opening of the campus, so students can learn a lot and be inspired to make new short films.” ‘

In addition to the judges, BRAC University Film Club Coordinator Nusrat Jahan Emma, ​​a lecturer at BRAC University, was present at the grand finale. Asked what kind of short-films he expects from the younger generation, he said, “I want students to experiment with risk and conduct new types of short-films.” Also present was Akil Tahsin, President of BRAC University Film Club. He announced the names of the winners.

A total of 15 short films participated in this competition. Out of which 3 best winners were declared. The first place went to the short film “Missing” directed by Farhan Ishraq Khan and Fardin Yusuf Bhuiyan. Judge Gias Uddin Selim said the short film was very innovative and fun. According to him, it is full of short films. Then, the second place went to the short film “Prejudice” directed by Afif Sadiq. Third place went to “Paper Boat” by Rifah Tasnia.
The first place winner got Rs 6,000 and a discount coupon of Rs 1,000 from Kabsa Mama, the second place winner got Rs 5,000 and a discount coupon of Rs 500 from Kabsa Mama and the third place winner got Rs 3,000 and the opportunity of complete free food delivery from Kabsa Mama. The 3 winning teams received 3 free movie tickets each from Star Cineplex.

Along with the winners, one lucky person got a free movie ticket from Star Cineplex through lottery from the comments section.



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