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Skin care to be done in the coming cold wave

By cold wave we mean that when the minimum temperature drops below 8 degrees Celsius over a large area, it is considered as a severe cold wave. If the temperature is between 6-7 degrees, it is called moderate and if the temperature is between 8-10 degrees Celsius, it is called mild cold.

It has been raining all over the country for some time now. This time the winter has started in the capital. In a few days, the severity of winter will increase. Besides, there is a hint of mild cold wave in the northern and north-western parts of the country in the next couple of days.

We can take some home remedies to restore the lost beauty of the skin in this cold spell. Let’s find out these ways!

Skin Care:
You can use lukewarm water to cleanse the skin of the face without using cold water directly. Apply moisturizer on the skin to maintain the moisture of the face. You can use it as a face serum by mixing essential oil with jaba flower powder to restore the radiance of the skin in a homely way. In winter, apply olive oil all over the body before bathing to protect the body from roughness and maintain smoothness. At the end of the bath, you must apply body lotion.

Hand care:
As much as people are aware of facial skin care, often hand care is not seen as much. Although the skin on the hands becomes much rougher in winter. Especially those who have to wash their hands frequently, they suffer more from this problem. A good quality moisturizer should be used at this time. People who need to wash or sanitize their hands frequently need to use moisturizer several times a day.

Foot care:
With the onset of winter, there is a possibility of cracking of the feet. In that case, applying coconut and shea butter cream on the feet keeps the skin of the feet moist for a long time. And if the ankle is broken, you can put petroleum jelly in it. This will reduce ankle fractures.

Lip care:
In winter, our lips become the driest. There is no comparison between sugar and honey to bring back life to chapped lifeless lips. Lip balm helps to bring life back to your lips. Before going to bed, you can lightly apply honey on your lips and sleep. It maintains the moisture of the lips.

Drink plenty of water:
Many people drink less water in winter. It is deadly harmful to the skin. You can drink more water at this time. When dehydration occurs in the body, on the one hand it gives rise to various diseases of the skin, the skin becomes rough and rough; On the other hand, lack of water causes various physical problems.

Regular bath:
You need to take regular bath to keep your skin dry. However, in no way can you bathe in extra hot water. Because excess hot water makes the skin more dry and rough. You can use lukewarm water in the bath instead of hot water.



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