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Skin moisturizer was made from animal fat

From the very beginning of creation, the tendency of human beings towards beauty is noticeable. And cosmetics are helpful in enhancing this beauty.

This is a product that gives a slightly different look. There are different types of cosmetics for everything from skin to hair, hands, feet. At present most of the ingredients used in these cosmetics are water, oils, alcohols, pigments, preservatives and various chemicals including perfumes. But in the past, the main ingredient in these cosmetics came from nature.

From the history of the cosmetics industry, it is known that 20 years ago, Cro-Manor was the originator of cosmetics. Then a new dimension was added to this industry from the Greeks. This was followed by the development of civilization in the Middle East, China, Japan, Europe, America, Australia and other countries.

In ancient China, various valuable elements were extracted from nature for beauty treatment. At that time, moisturizers for skin were made from animal fat. Which is very essential for the skin in the present age. In addition, olive oil, various oils, spices, honey, rose water, flower extract, fruit juice, etc. were the ingredients of cosmetics. At that time it was customary to mix saffron with milk and use it in bath.

In Egypt at that time, the color of cosmetics was only black and green. Then the girls started using red color on the lips. The green color was made with green copper hydro silicate. They also used to paint the eyes with the ants’ eggs.

On the other hand, the women of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization used lip dye to enhance the beauty of their face. The ancient Egyptians used a type of pigment, mixed with iodine and some bromine, with a type of purple-red substance derived from marine weeds, which was applied as a lip dye.

Soap is a product that must be used every day. But many may not know when this soap was made.

It was first introduced in ancient Babylon 5,000 years ago. But at that time soap was made from animal fat and tree oil.

The first commercial production of soap in Britain began in the late 12th century. But since one or two people have the formula for making soap, they start an exclusive business with it. Soap was a very expensive product at that time, usually no one could use it except the very rich.

Soap comes within the reach of the general public much later. In 1891, Nicolas Le Blanc, a French soap maker, discovered a chemical process for making soap. Soap becomes a cheap product. Hard and liquid soaps in every store are available in many colors and fragrances, and all of them are affordable.

However, in today’s world there are expensive soaps. The most expensive soap in the world is worth two and a half lakh rupees or 2,600 dollars. The soap was made by a company called Badr Hassan & Sons in Tripoli, Lebanon. And the brand of soap is ‘The Khan Al Saban’. The most expensive soap in the world contains 16 grams of 24-carat gold powder, a small amount of diamond powder, pure olive oil, organic honey and other ingredients.

Ignaz Semelweis, meanwhile, was the first to discover the practice of repeatedly washing hands with soap to protect against germs. His colleagues used to ridicule him for this strange method of hand washing, and at one point everyone thought he was crazy and eventually sent him to the insane asylum.

He once died in the inhuman torture of the guards of the insane asylum. Although Ignaz Semmelweis is no longer alive, his discovery was not in vain. Because of Corona from 2020, the whole world now understands the meaning of hand washing!



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