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So much organized to meet the price of a few nuts!

It is often heard that he did not repay the loan of crores of rupees. But what if the ‘debt’ is the price of a few peanuts? What will you do to meet it? Will he pay off the ‘trivial’ debt at all? That too after 11 years, flying from abroad?

Many people may forget to pay the price of just a few peanuts. But the two residents of Andhra Pradesh did not forget. They are now two siblings living in America.

According to the Indian media Anandabazar, a resident of Andhra Pradesh bought a few peanuts for his children about 11 years ago. He could not pay the price at that time. However, he promised to repay the loan later. After so many years, his children have spoken on behalf of that person.

It is not uncommon to hear of such repayments. But recently two siblings have done the same. They have returned to the country from America to pay off their father’s debt 11 years ago. Many people are trying to spread the word about this incident through the net! Is this so?

21-year-old Nemani Pranab and her younger sister Suchita, who are studying in America, told the whole story to the media.
The original incident took place in 2010. Little Pranab and Suchita went for a walk with their parents on the beach in Kothapalli, Kankinara town in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. At that time Pranab was only 10 years old. Pranab-Suchita’s father Mohan bought a few peanuts from a local peddler while walking along the sea shore.

Risk to meet the price of nuts! Mohan has left his wallet at home! However, looking at the children, the peddler assured that the price of peanuts will continue even after the metal!

After hearing about the peddler, Mohan returned home with peanuts like then. However, before returning, he took a picture of the peddler with his camera. Knowing his name, Ginjala Pedda Satyaya. He promised to pay the price of peanuts one day.

Even though he promised Satyaya, Mohan could not keep it like then. Within a few days, he and his family moved to the United States. After returning to the country, Mohan went to the beach but did not see Satya. Desperate to ‘repay the loan’, this time he prayed for the help of a friend.

D Chandrasekhar Reddy, the then MLA of Kankinara Assembly constituency, is the friend who started looking for Satya after hearing Mohan’s words. Reddy posted a picture of Satyaya from Mohan on his Facebook wall. He also asked his personal secretary Govindarajulu to look for the truth.

After several years of searching, the villagers finally contacted Govindarajulu after seeing Satyaya’s picture on the net. Recently, Govindarajulu gave the good news to Pranab.

Pranab and Suchita hurried back to the country from America after receiving news from Govindarajulu. Pranab, 21, is now studying for a bachelor’s degree in the United States.
On December 30, Pranabra went to his village to meet Satyaya. You know, Satyaya is dead. However, Pranab-Suchita handed over 25,000 rupees to her family. Even after 11 years, peanuts have been ‘repaid’!



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