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Space traffic is increasing, the environment is being polluted

The number of astronauts traveling and sending spacecraft is increasing day by day. Private space research institutes are working together to give astronauts and ordinary people the opportunity to travel in space. But scientists fear that the more fuel is consumed to go into space, the more environmental pollution will increase. Scientists are urging the use of carbon-neutral fuels in space tourism.

After decades of stagnation, the space industry has recovered. Elon Musk’s space research institute and the Chinese company have jointly launched 114 rockets and satellites in 2016. Such incidents were rare after 1990. This year too, space research institutes have stepped up to send rockets and satellites into Earth orbit. So far this year, 130 rockets have been launched into Earth orbit. However, this does not include the recent Blue Origin by Jeff Beaz and sub-orbital tourism by Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

On the one hand, NASA wants to retire its International Space Station. After 2024, NASA will be busy with the moon and Mars. On the other hand, Elon Musk’s Space X, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Beaz’s Blue Origin are ready to rule the space. That is what NASA wants. SpaceX is launching an artificial satellite into space. China is building a space station to allow astronauts to travel into space. The astronauts will be able to travel in space very fast every day.

Of course rockets and satellites need to be sent into space. But when it comes to space tourism, space research institutes may have no idea how the impact could be felt on Earth. Researchers say that the more rockets go into space, the more space debris will be generated, which will pollute the space as well as the earth. The rockets will produce carbon dioxide, which is causing serious damage to the earth. So far, the space industry has not caught the earth in the grip of pollution. But in space tourism that certainty is uncertain.

On the one hand, the world should make every effort to get out of fossil fuels. But the emergence of this new industry will increase the launch of additional rockets. Earth’s atmosphere will be polluted. Most rockets emit much more carbon, which is much higher than aircraft. Feeling weightless for just a few minutes, SpaceX of the Virgin Galactic has released so much carbon into the atmosphere that it is much more than the number of passenger planes flying over the Atlantic Ocean. A Star X spacecraft sent into orbit will emit more carbon emissions than the amount of carbon emitted by an aircraft for three consecutive years.

Virgin Galactic says that in the future, research will be done to determine the amount of carbon emitted to operate a space rocket. SpaceX did not comment on the matter. Blue Origin says the New Shepherd rocket wants to use carbon-free renewable energy, such as hydrogen and oxygen. In 2016, 39 million aircraft flew commercially in the sky, while only 114 space flights were flown. Now the aircraft emits the same amount of carbon as the rocket emits. Although rockets are made, supplied and operated, fifteen tons of carbon are produced. Although there is no equivalent carbon emission in the aviation sector, much more carbon is emitted from rockets.

Many people do not have a headache about what rockets are leaving in the atmosphere. As the rocket travels from Earth to space, fire is seen at the rear, meaning that it contains fuels such as kerosene or methane, which help the rocket move upwards at maximum speed. Which go directly into the atmosphere, last 4 to 5 years. Rocket launches have caused temperatures in the Arctic to rise by 1 degree Celsius. Atmospheric layers are also being damaged by these rocket launches. Damage to the ozone layer, which prevents the sun’s harmful rays from entering the earth. The rocket’s chlorine gas reacts with the oxygen in the ozone layer to break down the layer.

Astronomers say space travel must be arranged with the Earth’s climate in mind. They are advising to use solar power, astronomical excavation, rocket launch in space using these. They are advising space research institutes to arrange space tourism keeping in mind the Earth.



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