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Strong stock market on the last working day of the year

On Thursday (December 30), the last working day of the year after the previous day’s downward trend, the price index rose again on the main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and the other stock market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). The volume of transactions has also increased with the rise of price index.
The stock market has been on an upward trend for the last four working days of the current week due to the recovery in Thursday’s trading.

In the previous week, the stock market was hit by a fall in prices. Within five working days of the transaction, the bids fall within three working days. As a result, the DSEX, the main price index of the DSE, declined by 175 points in one week. Besides, the market capitalization decreased by Tk 12,332 crore.

This was continued on Sunday, the first working day of the current week. However, the stock market was up on Monday and Tuesday. The market fell again on Wednesday.

In this situation, trading in the stock market started on Thursday (December 30) by increasing the share and unit prices of most of the companies. Although there is an upward trend at the beginning of the transaction, the index remains quite volatile throughout the day. This situation continues till the last hour of the transaction. However, in the last hour, most of the companies participating in the transaction increased the share price of the day ended the uptrend. The other index DSE Shariah rose 3 points to 1,431 points. The DSE-30 index rose 10 points to 2,532.

912 crore 81 lakh rupees were traded on DSE throughout the day. The previous day’s transaction was 635 crore 37 lakh rupees. As a result, the transaction has increased by 16 crore 44 lakh taka.

Shares of Sonali Paper have been the most traded on the DSE in terms of money. 111 crore 90 lakh shares of the company have been traded. Asia Insurance, which is in the second place, had a turnover of Tk 486 million. Bangladesh Shipping Corporation is in the third place with a share transaction of Tk 39.13 crore.

The top ten companies listed on the DSE are Genex Infosys, Beximco, Delta Life Insurance, Bangladesh Submarine Cables, Fortune Suz, People’s Insurance and Eastern Insurance.

The overall price index CASPI of the country’s other stock market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) rose 44 points on Thursday. There was a total transaction of 56 crore 71 lakh rupees. Of the 308 companies that participated in the transaction, 129 rose. Prices of 136 and 41 remained unchanged.



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