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Students frustrated not getting vaccinated

According to the government decision, students will not be able to come to school physically without taking at least one dose of vaccine and take part in the lesson process.

Although the new rule was supposed to be introduced on Wednesday (January 12), students have to go to some centers in the capital without getting vaccinated. Although the school authorities did not open their mouths about this, the Department of Health says that the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will open new vaccination centers as per the need and will soon bring the drop out students under vaccination.

One week ago, Redwan Karim, a seventh grader, entered age 12. Motijheel Ideal School and College with his father came to get the first dose of corona vaccine at the center of the notice to close the center.

According to Redwan Karim, when I came to get the vaccine, I saw that the center was closed here, asking them to contact their respective educational institutions. How do we get into school if we are not vaccinated?
The father of the student said that the vaccine will not be given from Motijheel Ideal School and College. I came here and found out why we were not informed before.

Anisa Akter, an eighth-grader at Kamrunnesa Girls’ School in Tikatuli, had a similar situation. The vaccine did not match even when it came to taking the second dose of the vaccine on the scheduled date.

The father of one of the students said, “Today was the day for my daughter to be vaccinated. I came to the school and saw that the center was closed.” They could not say when and where it will be given. This is a harassment for us.

According to the government decision, students will not be able to take physical classes without at least one dose of vaccine from today. However, the parents of the students have expressed their displeasure as they had to return empty-handed even after coming for vaccination.

It is learned that the center was closed to keep its educational activities normal even though the authorities did not open their mouths.

The security guard of the school said that the health department has been informed about the non-vaccination, adding that now that the school is open, we will not be able to give it.

But the health department says parents have nothing to worry about. New centers will soon be set up for dropouts.

Vaccine Deployment Committee Member Secretary. Shamsul Haque said that the center where the vaccination has been completed has been replaced and those who will have a second dose will be informed by the school.

The total number of students aged 12 to 18 in the country is more than 1 crore 16 lakhs.



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