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Surprises are coming to Jatiya Party: Bidisha

Bidisha, the ex-wife of the party’s founding chairman HM Ershad, has announced ‘one surprise after another’ at the Jatiya Party in the new year. He made the announcement at a discussion meeting and prayer gathering on Saturday (January 1) on the occasion of the 36th founding anniversary of the Jatiya Party. At that time, Bidisha took part with her son Eric Ershad.

He said Eric would be 21 months old in just a few months. Wait. Surprise after surprise will come to the fore. It should not be forgotten that Mr. Ershad was a member of the Sena family. He was the chief of the army. Eric is not alone today. Eric is accompanied by smart army officers and those who love Ershad.

Bidisha said, you know Raushan Ershad is very ill. He is in Bangkok. But it is seen that the chairman of Jatiya Party, who is already there, has removed the picture of Raushan Ershad from the poster of the founding anniversary. This inhuman act actually suits him. Saad, Eric – these will be the bearers and carriers of the plow of the future. Only boys can be found in the father’s chair. Only sons can protect their father’s values, no one else.

Addressing the Jatiya Party leaders present on the occasion, Bidisha further said, “I am not alone today. Thinking this will speed up my work.” Your inaccessible path today is due to your courage. I promise, I will follow your advice and move forward. I mean, they have to be careful who sells party titles and makes a living abroad. We have the records of each of you. We will show it to the nation in time.

Regarding the ‘reorganization’ of the party, he said, “District committees have already been formed in our 30 districts.” Once the 64 district committees are formed, we will give a bigger program in Dhaka. And the leader will be elected by the hand of that program. But the party will remain the same. We will not stop for anyone. I haven’t fired anyone yet. My door is open to everyone.

Bidisha also said that the team will go all over the country with their son Eric for ‘reconstruction work’.

“I don’t have a father today, but you do,” said Eric, who was in the chair at the ceremony. I will reach my goal with your hands, that is all I want from you.

However, no significant leader of the Jatiya Party was seen at the event.

Sikder Anisur Rahman, Wadud Didar, Shahjahan Siraj, Habibur Rahman, Central Executive Member Shibli Rahman Anwar Hossain Monju, Altaf Hossain of Jatiya Islami Mahajot, Chairman National Democratic Party Sheikh Mustafizur Rahman were present on the occasion.

Incidentally, after Ershad’s death, his brother GM Quader is now in charge of the Jatiya Party. He is also the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. Ershad’s first wife Raushan Ershad is the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. He is the chief patron of the Jatiya Party.



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