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That’s how the ‘Titanic in the Sky’ crashed that day

May 8, 1936 The day in New Jersey, USA, started with the sun rising just like any other day. He is busy like everyone else. Due to the bad weather for a few days, no one was on the road unnecessarily after sunset. The clock strikes 6:25 p.m.

Just then the sky suddenly became bright with yellow light. Curious people came out of the house to look for the source of light. But then no one was mentally prepared for what they saw.

A little farther from the Lakehurst naval base on the east side of town, flames flickered on the tail wings of an airplane floating in the sky. In a gust of wind, the fire spread from the tail to the middle in a few seconds. People near the scene could hear the roar of the flames. Immediately, the sound of the passengers stuck in the plane began to float away. Many jumped to the ground with their doors open to save their lives.

The whole ship caught fire in just 34 seconds. The Hindenburg, the world’s largest passenger plane, crashed into New Jersey. Within an hour, news of Hindenburg’s tragic fate spread throughout the world. According to eyewitness journalist Herbert Morrison, a horrible nightmare floated before the eyes of the people sitting in front of the radio.

Surprisingly, only 35 of the 98 passengers on the first flight of the plane died, while the remaining 72 were rescued and taken to hospital, all of whom survived. However, the Hindenburg hydrogen-powered aircraft is called the Titanic in the sky, and its catastrophic crash is known as the history of the destruction of the Titanic in the sky. This is because the size of the Nazi German aircraft and the accident that happened with it have a lot in common with the Titanic.

Passengers could enjoy a luxurious ride on this plane with a ticket of around 400. From food and chess to the furniture of the bedroom, there was a stain of luxury. And Hindenburg’s journey would have been so comfortable that many would not have known when the plane left. Many have traveled across the Atlantic in heavy aircraft before. But the feeling of traveling in a light airplane was different from everything else.

The huge aircraft was built in 1936. And it was created by the then Nazi forces in Germany, then Adolf Hitler, the head of the Nazi regime. In the space in the middle of the plane was placed 16 huge hydrogen gas balloons in which hydrogen gas floated in the sky. Some of the major similarities between this aircraft and the Titanic are its huge size and the largest man-made aircraft ever. Its length was so large that the current Boeing 747 was about the size of four aircraft.



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