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That’s why the garage fire is growing

Occasionally there are fires in car garages. The damage caused by the fire in the sitting cars due to the lockdown is increasing. Experts say garage owners consider the safety of the garage to be secondary where fire safety is not a habit in the building itself.

A couple of months ago. Lockdown was still going on in the country. A bus at a bus depot in Dhaka’s Nawabganj suddenly caught fire. 9 buses were burnt.

The incident in Nawabganj was repeated on Sunday (July 25) in a garage in Motijheel. Two buses and a private car of Silk Line Travels were burnt to ashes. However, after the fire broke out, the authorities were able to quickly remove another Silk Line Travels bus from there.

After receiving the news of the fire behind Madhumita Hall, six units of the fire service went to the spot and brought the fire under control after trying for about 50 minutes.

Earlier on Saturday (July 24) evening, a bus caught fire inside the BRTC depot at Kamalapur in the capital. Two BRTC buses caught fire in the blaze that broke out around 6:30 pm on Saturday.

Not only in Motijheel, Kamalapur and Nawabganj, but also in Chittagong earlier this year and a few years ago in Gabtali.

The fire brigade says the only reason for the lockdown is that the cars are crammed into the garage. Not even a drop of fire safety is allowed in these garages. So crores of rupees are lost. The official said the fire in the garage in Motijheel could have been caused by a cigarette butt.

Brigadier General Sajjad Hossain, Director General of Fire Service, said, “Small garages or establishments do not take any advice or clearance from us. If they do, they will be given an idea about fire safety and will have safety gear. As a result, even if there is a fire, it will not be able to spread quickly. ‘

Experts say that not only in the bus garage, but also in the garage of rickshaws or CNG autorickshaws. That is why the occasional fire takes a terrible form.

According to Brigadier General Ali Ahmed Khan, former director general of the fire service, almost all garages contain large quantities of flammable materials, including oil and furniture. But sometimes it is seen that these components have drum leakage or oil-mobil is spread all over the garage in the middle of their work. As a result, as soon as any spark is received, these elements ignite and take on a terrifying shape in an instant.

According to them, just as building codes need to be followed in residential and commercial buildings, safety should also be ensured in the construction of garages.



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