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The ban on fishing in Kaptai Lake has been extended again

The ban on fishing in Kaptai Lake in Rangamati has been extended for the second time till August 20 due to non-availability of water in the lake.

The decision was taken at an emergency meeting of the Rangamati Deputy Commissioner’s conference room on Monday (August) morning.

Rangamati Kaptai Lake Management Committee Chairman and Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mizanur Rahman confirmed the matter. Also present at this emergency meeting was BFDC Bangamati Manager Lt. Commander Touhidul Islam, Additional Deputy Commissioner. Mamun Mia, Additional Superintendent of Police Tapas Ranjan Ghosh and others.

It was informed at the meeting that fishing in the lake is stopped for three months from May 1 every year to increase fish breeding. Although it was supposed to be withdrawn from July 1, it has been decided to extend the ban on fishing for another 10 days in the second phase due to non-increase of water in the lake.

Udayan Barua, president of the Kaptai Lake Satsya Businessmen’s Association, said, “We have applied to the chairman of the lake management committee and the Rangamati deputy commissioner for extension of the closure.” In that light, the deputy commissioner called an emergency meeting on Monday. In view of our demand, the ban on fishing has been extended for another 10 days till August 20. We are happy about this. This is because last year, when the water level in the lake was low, the fishermen started fishing. Lots of fish were caught due to lack of water. We had to take them to different districts of the country including Dhaka and sell them. We have suffered financially. On the other hand, the fishermen have not got any fish in the last 3 months, we have also suffered in this. ‘

Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation Rangamati Center Manager Lt. Commander Touhidul Islam said that at present the water level of Kaptai Lake is 95 to 100 feet. But according to the Kaptai Hydropower Station, the water level in the lake is only 7.69 feet at present. In this situation, if fishing is allowed in the lake, 48 metric tons of carp fry released in the lake will be caught. As a result we will be deprived of a lot of revenue. We have made this decision from last year’s experience. However, if the desired water does not rise in these 10 days, the ban may be extended for another time.

Mohammad Mizanur Rahmah, chairman of the lake management committee and deputy commissioner of Rangamati, said the ban was extended for another 10 days in the second phase in consultation with the technical committee. The next decision will be made depending on the water level in the lake.
Last year, 12,345 metric tons of fish was extracted from Kaptai Lake, from which revenue of around Tk 12 crore 13 lakh was collected. And 28,000 fishermen make a living by fishing in Kaptai Lake.

On the other hand, according to Kaptai Hydropower Station, 4 out of 5 units set up for power generation are operational. 121 MW electricity is being generated from there. One unit is closed for renovation work.



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