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The Beijing Olympics is set to unfold on Friday with controversy

The Beijing Olympics is set to unfold on Friday with controversy

The Winter Beijing Olympics begin in Beijing, China, on Friday night (February 4). In the meantime, all kinds of preparations for the Olympics have almost come to an end.

However, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Lithuania, Kosovo, Uyghurs and Turkey have called for a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics. Meanwhile, Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, is quite positive about the Chinese hosting the Olympics.

With the upcoming Winter Beijing Olympics looming, the number of athletes from different countries has already begun to increase in Beijing. However, athletes and Olympic-affiliated people are facing a very difficult situation due to the effects of corona infection. Effective measures have been taken to ensure the health protection of athletes affected by the epidemic. The Olympic Committee hopes to provide maximum protection by staying in a closed loop.

However, there have been negative reactions from various countries surrounding the Beijing Olympics. The symbol of the Olympics is an indication of maintaining peace and order. China hosts such an event to promote unity.

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The image of Chinese human rights abuses against the Uyghur community is shaking the world. After the genocide and torture, China has no right to host an event like the Olympics. Several countries have already called for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics over the demand.

Despite all the negative criticism, there are some positive comments in favor of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Organizing Committee, made a very positive remark about China’s hosting of the IOC Executive Board meeting.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said: “We feel safe here in a closed loop. Such an excellent organization of the China Olympic Organizing Committee is truly commendable.

China has faced many obstacles in hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics and has successfully completed them. Hopefully, the Olympics will be completed successfully and smoothly. They have organized very well even in this epidemic. ‘



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