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The biggest threat to Christians in Jerusalem is the violent Jews: Articles

The Greek Orthodox Father Theophilus III of the Holy City has accused some extremist Israeli groups of threatening the presence of Christians in Jerusalem.
He made the claim in an article in the Times of London on Saturday (January 7th). He thinks that the extremist Jews want to expel the Christians from the city. The article was published the day after the Greek Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas.

In the 1967 war, Israel occupied the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Old City, as well as East Jerusalem. After the war, East Jerusalem was annexed by Israel, but the international community did not support it. – Reuters

Theophilus III said our presence in Jerusalem was under threat. The Christian community in Jerusalem is suffering because of these Zionist extremists. Our brothers and sisters are victims of hate crime. Our churches are constantly being vandalized and desecrated. And our priests are being intimidated.

His criticism of the extremists as “Israeli” was sharp and personal. His statement in the article was sharper and more powerful than the joint statements of other churches in Jerusalem after Christmas.

The church leaders in their statement accused the extremists of continuing their attacks but did not identify them as Israelis.

A report by the US State Department on religious freedom around the world last year said that orthodox Jews in Jerusalem were harassing pilgrims. He is spitting at them.

Earlier, local church leaders accused the city of attacking and vandalizing religious shrines. However, Theophilus does not specifically mention any extremist groups or events in his writings.

They did not even present evidence that they were Israeli. An Israeli official said on Sunday that the situation was “completely different” from what the father had said in the article.



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