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The burn victims are moaning in the hospital

Burns are still lingering in the hospital bed. Everyone feels the pain of losing a relative. Each burn patient is surrounded by thousands of stories of human love, kindness and selfless sacrifice. On the other hand, the doctors of Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital in Barisal are trying their best to alleviate the grief of the burn victims with the heavenly beauty of humanity.

Serious burns Rashed Sardar. Feeding Rashed lying on the bed in the morning, starting from brushing his teeth, his uncle is doing all the work. This impression of helplessness suddenly appeared in the life of a young man. However, the efforts of his relatives to alleviate his grief brought tears to the eyes of others. Although Rashed somehow survived, he lost the two who were with him that night.

Had Injured Rashed Sardar said, “I have been with Khalu since I came to the hospital.” My mother and younger brother are still sick.

Md. Shamim Fupa said, “I rushed to the spot after hearing the news of the accident.” There I found my mother on one, another on the other হত injured Rashed Sardar’s brother.

Mostafa Zaman does not have time to catch his breath. He lost his mother in that night’s incident. Burning little sister and father are handling alone with two hands. Sister, Mustafa seems to have gone to war to heal his father.

Injured – Amena said, my brother left me beside him. Many services are taking care of me. Big brother Mostafa said, injured ‍Amena is my younger sister. There is no one else to stand by his side.

Burnt Kalu has lost her loving mother, 5 members of her family including her cute child. And Runa Begum thinks big trying to cure him with maternal service.

Husband Zahirul Islam injured in launch accident She spends all day serving her husband.

There are an average of 1,600 patients in a 1,000-bed hospital. Half the manpower. That is why the health workers did not hesitate to provide services to these endangered people.

Mahinur Akhter Shiuli, a senior nurse in the eye department, said many have no relatives. Relatives of other patients were seen serving. The patients are recovering fast and the relatives of the patients are helping us a lot.

This story of love is also seen here when there is a lot of selfishness, division, hatred and ahazari of those in danger. The way people have stood by people in such a difficult time, in the age of extreme development of individual individuality and selfishness is a real hope.



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