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The decision was taken at the meeting whether the educational institution was closed or open

The Ministry of Education held a meeting with the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 on Sunday (January 9) to take a decision on the country’s educational institutions due to the increase in the spread of coronavirus.

Education Minister Dr. After the virtual meeting with Dipu Moni, the President of the National Technical Advisory Committee, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sahidullah said, “Schools, colleges and universities will continue as they are now.”

He said that since the infection rate is now more than 6 per cent, the school-college university will continue with these measures with special consideration. However, if for some reason the infection worsens, immediate closure will be considered.

Dr. Mohammad Sahidullah said, “If we close the school-college university again, the impact will be huge.” If left open again, the infection will increase.

He said, “So in the present situation, the way the school-college-university is going on in a limited way, it will continue and we will take the next decision after discussing among ourselves from time to time, it all depends on the situation.”

At the meeting, the question of whether the student vaccination program was discussed. Mohammad Sahidullah said, “The vaccination program is going on now. We also talked about how we can control the infection by strengthening it and enforcing more stringent hygiene rules. ”

The meeting started at 9:30 pm on Sunday. The Minister of Education has a one and a half hour meeting on the situation of Omikron. Dipu Moni. At this time the members of the technical committee gave various suggestions. Apart from the Education Minister, Deputy Minister for Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury and secretaries of two departments of the Ministry of Education were also present at the meeting. However, no statement was received from the education minister in this regard.

According to the Ministry of Education, the Minister of Education will give a press briefing on Monday (January 10) at 11 am and present all the decisions of the meeting.

Meanwhile, after the convocation ceremony of a private university at noon on Sunday (January 9) about the closure of educational institutions, the Minister of Education Dr. Dipu Moni said that in case of coronavirus, direct education activities will continue in the educational institution as long as possible. There can be no confusion about the closure of educational institutions before the final decision.

Dipu Moni said that the decision to keep the educational institution open will be taken according to the opinion of the expert committee after observing the situation and not in a hurry. Today we have a meeting with the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19. Corona vaccination activities of students are in full swing. We are trying to bring everyone under the vaccine and keep the educational institution open. However, it is also true that if it seems that the infection will increase if the educational institution is kept open, then we may close it.

“We are trying to figure out how to keep the educational institution safe and prevent infection,” he said. Those who say that the educational institutions will be closed or are going on are spreading rumors. Such rumors are spread all the time. Don’t listen to rumors.

Expressing hope that the students would return to normal educational activities, the minister said, “If the educational institution has to be closed, we will close it with an announcement.” But as long as he doesn’t feel the need, we won’t stop. We want students to return to normal learning activities.

He said the new universities could not stand during the epidemic. At that time, appointing VC, Pro-VC, Treasurer was another additional pressure. Although the VC must be without, the organization will not run. We are constantly begging to fill the gaps. Trying to finish this work quickly. However, I wish more volunteerism from the universities in this regard.



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