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The engineer came to get married in a helicopter

A crowd of curious people at the Government College ground in Birampur on Thursday (January 26) at 1pm. Suddenly the bridegroom landed on the field with a helicopter from the sky. The groom got off the helicopter with four passengers wearing a long crown on his head and a sherwani on his body. Later he went to the wedding hall in a private car. Although he claims that coronavirus has caused short-term marriages.

The groom’s name is Imran Hossain. Son of Ismail Hossain of Pathia upazila of Rajshahi. He is working as a textile engineer. The bride Iffat Jahan is the daughter of Mizanur Rahman of Shimlatali area of ​​Birampur upazila

The girl’s father Mizanur Rahman said that the prevalence of corona virus is increasing day by day in the country. The government has already imposed a number of restrictions. That is why short marriages have been arranged while maintaining social distance. They will leave again by helicopter at four in the afternoon.

When asked about coming to the wedding hall by helicopter, groom Imran Hossain said, it was actually a hobby. Moreover, the situation of corona virus in the country is not good at all. The infection is increasing day by day. As a result, I have come to get married with a helicopter out of a lot of hobbies and sense of responsibility.

In this regard, SI Abu Hanif of Birampur Police Station said that an engineer came to Birampur Government College ground by helicopter around noon to get married. The police have taken all possible security measures to prevent any untoward incident.



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