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The Finance Minister said that the reduction in oil prices

Noting that the price of fuel oil is not yet stable in the international market, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said that the government will also reduce the price of oil in the country if the price of oil becomes stable.

Responding to a question from reporters after a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Public Procurement on Wednesday (December 1), the finance minister said fuel prices were still fluctuating in the international market. One day the price of fuel oil is going down by ২০ 20, then the next day it is going up by ড 2. When oil prices fall and stabilize in the international market, we will take action accordingly.

Asked about money laundering at the time, he said, “I have found some names in the newspapers against which the concerned agencies including Bangladesh Bank are working.” At the same time legal action is being taken. Information on what measures have been taken in the last two years to stop money laundering, its progress and how many people have been punished will be presented.

At the same time, whether the finance minister has his own method to know about the money launderers, the finance minister said in response to the question of the journalists, I have no method. The government has the method. If someone is trafficked, a case is filed against him, he is arrested and taken to jail. They are punished through the judiciary.

In this regard, the new variant of coronavirus Omicron has not been infected in Bangladesh yet, the finance minister said, if the virus is infected and it is likely to have an impact on the people and economy of the country, then all measures will be taken as in the past.

Earlier, 13 proposals were approved at a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Public Procurement. The total amount of money in 13 approved proposals is 7 thousand 269 crore 5 lakh 85 thousand 462 rupees. Out of the total financing, 3 thousand 736 crore 16 lakh 69 thousand 359 taka will be spent from GoB and 4 thousand 432 crore 8 lakh 98 thousand 123 taka from domestic banks and World Bank.

International oil prices fell nearly 3 percent on Tuesday (November 30th) after the CEO of Modern raised doubts about the effectiveness of the vaccine against Omicron, a new variant of the coronavirus. This has raised concerns about the demand for oil.

However, despite the fall in international oil prices, the impact has not yet been felt in the country’s oil market.

Earlier, the price of oil was fixed in the country through a press release on November 3. At the consumer level, the government increased the price of diesel and kerosene from Tk 75 to Tk 80 per liter.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Energy on November 5, BPC said that since the beginning of the current financial year, the price of fuel oil has been rising in the international market and BPC is facing losses in the case of most used diesel.

In June this year, the loss of diesel was Tk 2.98 per liter, in July it was Tk 3.60, in August it was Tk 1.57, in September it was Tk 5.82 and in October it was Tk 13.01.

As a result, the total loss of BPC in the last five and a half months in the case of diesel is about 1148 crore 70 lakh rupees; It is mentioned that it has to be coordinated with government subsidy.

In the overall context, the government has rescheduled the prices of diesel and kerosene in the country from November 4, although the price of diesel in Bangladesh is still lower than other neighboring countries.

The explanation also highlights the latest price increases and reductions. It is said that the government had fixed the price of diesel at Tk 6 per liter in January 2013. Later, in April 2016, it was reduced from Tk 3 to Tk 75.

The ministry further said that considering the current purchase price, BPC is losing around Tk 20 crore per day by selling diesel at Rs 13.01 per liter and Furnace Oil at Rs 6.21 per liter. In October, petroleum products of different grades incurred a total loss of Tk 628.61 crore.



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