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The first day of the cut-off lamp-liakat in a condom cell

Former Teknaf Police Station OC Pradeep and then Inspector of Baharchhara Police Investigation Center Liaquat Ali have been sentenced to death in a murder case of retired Army Major Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan. Six have been sentenced to life in prison for aiding and abetting and seven have been acquitted.

Cox’s Bazar District and Sessions Judge Mohammad Ismail passed the order on Monday (January 31st) afternoon.

OC Pradeep Das and Liaquat Ali have been kept in Cox’s Bazar District Jail. The prison is located north of the city bypass road. At present there are about four and a half thousand prisoners in this prison with a capacity of 560 inmates. They have been kept in this jail.

The two accused Pradeep and Liaquat were completely silent when the verdict was announced. They did not say anything on their way back to jail from the court. They were then kept in two separate condom cells in the jail. A prison official told the media that the two were completely silent, not talking to anyone.

According to jail sources, Pradeep and Liaquat were dressed like other prisoners. They were then sent to two separate condom cells. Like other prisoners in the prison, they were given white rice, fish and vegetables. Condomed cells are smaller in size than other cells. There is not much light and air inside the cell. However, at certain times of the day, the accused were given the opportunity to walk outside the cell. The convicts of the Condemned Cell get a chance to visit the visitors at the jail gate once a month.

On Monday (January 31) at around 5 pm, while the accused were being picked up from the court in the prison van to be taken to the district jail, some of the accused shouted but Pradeep and Liaquat remained silent. They were silent even after reaching the district jail at around 5.30 pm.

Cox’s Bazar District Prison Superintendent (Jail Super) said. Nature Alam told the media that Pradeep and Liaquat are now ordinary prisoners. The two have been kept in two separate condom cells. They are silent. The condition of the body is also normal. The two also ate dinner and breakfast. They did not meet anyone outside.

According to jail sources, only the convicts sentenced to death were kept in the condom cell. The prisoner is kept under constant guard. Visitors are not allowed to meet. However, there is no mention in the jail code or in the prison rules about keeping the convicts in a condom cell. Yet it continues as a custom. No more than one accused is kept in a condom cell. Pradeep and Liaquat will remain in the condom cell until the death sentence is overturned by the high court.

Prison officials said other inmates could wake up on Tuesday (February 1) morning to find Pradeep and Liaquat dead. Many expressed joy at their execution.

After the verdict was announced on Monday, while Pradeep was being picked up in a prison van to be brought to the jail from the court, the curious crowd standing in the court premises shouted and abused Pradeep. Again, many threw stones at the prison van. Police have arrested one person in this incident. Most of the curious crowd were people who had lost relatives in the crossfire. They had demanded the execution of Pradeep by human chaining in the court premises before the verdict was announced.

Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan was shot dead by police at the Shamlapur check post on Marine Drive in Teknaf on the night of July 31, 2020, Faridul Alam, the court’s public prosecutor and state counsel, told the media. Sinha was shot dead by former OC Pradeep Kumar Das and former police inspector Liaquat Ali. The assassination was premeditated. The court’s verdict mentions premeditated murder.

He further said that Pradeep Kumar Das was in Teknaf Model Police Station for 22 months. At least 204 people were killed in more than 144 alleged anti-drug operations and gun battles in Teknaf at the time. Several of these innocent people have been killed in crossfire. He has sent hundreds of men and women to jail on drug charges. Of the 4,500 inmates in the jail, 80 per cent are accused in drug cases.

Rubel Sharma, Pradeep’s bodyguard, Nandadulal Rakshit, a sacked sub-inspector of Baharchhara police station, and Sagar Dev, a sacked constable, were arrested in Teknaf police station. Nezamuddin and Ayaz Uddin. The accused were present in the dock when the verdict was announced.

The acquitted are: Dismissed Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Liton Mia, Dismissed Constable Safanur Karim, Kamal Hossain, Abdullah Al Mamun, Dismissed APBN Sub-Inspector (SI) Md. Shahjahan, dismissed constable. Rajiv and Md. Abdullah.

On August 8, 2020, seven policemen, including OC Pradeep and Inspector Liaquat, surrendered before the court. The RAB later arrested three locals, three members of the Armed Police Battalion (APBN), Pradeep’s bodyguard and seven others in connection with the murder. When Constable Sagar Dev, the accused in the chargesheet, surrendered on June 24, 2020, all the 15 accused in the case came under the law.

Retired Army Major Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan was shot dead by police at Shamlapur check post on Teknaf Marine Drive Road on the night of July 31, 2020. The police filed three cases (two in Teknaf and one in Ramu).

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Five days after the incident, Teknaf Police OC Pradeep Kumar Das was acquitted in a Cox’s Bazar court on August 5.



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