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The first Friday in the UAE is a working day

Never before has there been such a Friday in the UAE. People are rushing to work. Students are also going to school like everyone else. The offices are as busy as any other day.

For the first time in the Gulf country, an office-court was opened on Friday (January 7th). From now on, Saturday and Sunday will be officially weekly holidays. However, some people are angry about this change. Some traders are also unhappy. However, the residents of the UAE are now getting weekly leave like the westerners.

Other Gulf countries still have weekly holidays on Fridays and Saturdays. Many also think that it will be difficult for traders to keep pace with neighboring countries.

Earlier, the day was kept free from busy schedule for Friday prayers. However, this time the mosques were full of worshipers even though it was a working day on Friday.

Worshipers have gathered in the mosque in time for Jainamaz. After the prayers, they went to the office again. Until 2006, Thursdays and Fridays were considered holidays in the UAE.

Rachel King, a 22-year-old British man, said: “I’d rather have a holiday on Friday.

He has been living in Dubai for the last six months. Working as a hospitality worker there. “All we know and love is that the office is closed on Fridays and we go for a walk somewhere,” he said. And now on Saturday we have to do that.
Last December, the UAE announced a sudden change in the weekly holiday. They have had to make such a decision due to increasing international trade competition with the Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia.

Government agencies and educational institutions in the UAE are open four days full time and one day half day. Due to the Friday prayers at half past one, everything was closed at 12 o’clock. Then the Muslims went to the mosque to perform the prayers.

Ahmad Bilbisi, a 34-year-old banker, said: “Today is my first Friday in office. Which sounds weird to me. Today our organization has been kept open keeping in line with other countries of the world. Although many will not be able to adapt to the new style.



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