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The fourth dose of Omicron is not effective!

Although the fourth dose of Covid-19 is more capable of producing antibodies than the third dose, it is not enough to prevent Omicron infection, say Israeli researchers in a preliminary test.

Officials at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center have recently been given a second booster dose. Researchers are monitoring the response of 154 people to the Pfizer vaccine two weeks later. Similarly, 120 people are being monitored after one week with a modern booster, said Gili Regev Yochaya, director of the Infectious Diseases Unit.

Comparing the results with a group of workers who did not take the fourth shot of the vaccine, the number of antibodies changed and increased. Gili Regev told the media, however, that this was not enough for Omicron. Although the vaccine is powerful, it has not been able to obtain the amount of antibodies needed to prevent Omicron.

This is the first time the results from Sheba Medical Center have come to light. Research on this topic is still in its early stages and research work has not been published.

Israel is leading the way in conducting vaccination activities in the world. They have started giving fourth dose vaccine or second booster dose to high risk citizens since last month.

Meanwhile, the world is in turmoil due to the new type of corona. The situation could escalate further in the next six months, said Zhang Wenhong, a Chinese expert. However, he added that the booster dose could play an effective role in counteracting Omicron.

In this situation, there is no news of relief for Omicron at present. On the contrary, Chinese expert Zhang Wenhong thinks the situation will get worse in the future. He claimed in an interview that it was very difficult to prevent the new type of corona from spreading from one country to another.

Chinese expert Zhang Wenhong said that every wave of corona has infected the human body in a certain way. But if an unfamiliar type comes, there will be more risks in the future. If the right steps are not taken now, the world will face a big challenge.

Speaking of fears, the expert also gave some suggestions on how to deal with the new type of corona. He says that only booster doses can prevent new types of antibodies in the human body. At the same time, booster doses will greatly reduce mortality, he said.



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