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The future of Afghan media in the dark

Afghanistan’s media world in a terrible crisis. Due to lack of funds and pressure from the Taliban government, the country’s various televisions and newspapers are shutting down one by one. Statistics show that 40 percent of the media has been shut down since the Taliban took power. Many journalists are forced to change their profession.

Mustafa Jafari is a television journalist from Afghanistan. He is now burning corn on the sidewalk in search of a livelihood as the television is turned off.

The former photojournalist said, “Unfortunately, it is true that I do not see a bright future.” As the day goes on I am getting frustrated. Neither the political situation nor the economic situation is good.

Many journalists like Mustafa Jafari have lost their jobs and are spending idle time. The media has come under intense pressure since the Taliban took power last August. The news broadcast stopped. Owners of television and newspapers are struggling to cope with political pressures and economic crisis.

The Associated Press reports that 40 percent of the country’s media outlets have been shut down since the Taliban seized power. Many more organizations are waiting to close down.

Abid Ihsas, a senior journalist, said the situation in the Afghan media had changed. Income decreased. Many senior journalists have left the country. The media industry has become very weak. Many are giving up. Someone or the other is under self-censorship. They also have various restrictions.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, Afghan journalists say the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan will not improve. Human rights will be violated. The world will be in the dark about Afghanistan.

“We are concerned,” said Sukaria Niazi, an Afghan woman journalist. I do not understand what to do in the future. Working through a limitation.

Journalist leader Mashroor Lutfi said, “All our achievements are now facing challenges.” As the days go by the situation is getting more and more difficult. The media industry in Afghanistan is in a bad situation, not just politically. Without the free flow of information, the situation in Afghanistan would have been worse.

According to Reporters Without Borders, about 500 media outlets were open in Afghanistan before the fall of the Taliban, but 231 have already been shut down. About six and a half thousand journalists have become unemployed. Although the country’s popular television Tolo News is on, all women journalists have been laid off.

Speaking to reporters in Qatar, Macron said a number of issues, including security, needed to be addressed for the ambassadors to return to Kabul. He also expressed hope for the establishment of a European diplomatic mission in Afghanistan soon.

On 15 August 2021, the Taliban took control of Kabul. The then President Ashraf Ghani fled the country with a planeload of money. Later, one by one, Western diplomats also started leaving Kabul. France said on Friday (December 3rd) that it had evacuated more than 300 people from Afghanistan with the help of Qatar. Most of them are Afghan citizens.



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