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The landless Sajal got a job in the police for 100 rupees

Amal Chandra Karmakar and Viva Rani have been living in Kazirabad union of Betagi upazila of Barguna for three decades. Amal Chandra, a goldsmith by profession, does not earn much. So no permanent settlement has been built yet. He has spent 30 long years in a rented house.

Sajal Chandra Karmakar, the son of a landless couple, dreams of becoming a policeman. After various incidents, Sajal, a member of a landless family, finally got a job in the police for only 100 rupees. Parents and locals happily lost their lives in this.

In this regard Amal Chandra Karmakar said, I am a poor person so I could not buy land in Barguna. For this, my son’s job got stuck in the police recruitment test. Eventually my son got a job. My son is now a proud member of Bangladesh Police for only 100 rupees. I am very happy about this. I am grateful to Bangladesh Police Chief Benazir Ahmed and the Prime Minister for giving my son a job in the police.

In this regard, Viva Rani said, “Our son’s job has given a boost to our family.” We are very happy. We are grateful to the Prime Minister.

Local Hosnabad Adarsh ​​Secondary School headmaster. Nanna Mia said that this landless family will be prosperous by getting a job in Sajal. This job ensured the financial security of the family. We welcome this initiative. We in the area are grateful to the Prime Minister.

In this regard, Sajal Chandra Karmakar Antar said, “I am grateful to Bangladesh Police, IGP of Police and the Prime Minister for the job I got even after being landless.” I never imagined that this would become my job. At this time, Sajal Karmakar Antar has promised to fulfill his responsibilities with devotion in his professional life.

The Barguna district police sees the landless family members getting a job in the police as a landmark step. In this regard, Barguna Superintendent of Police Muhammad Jahangir Mallick said that there was no such precedent in Bangladesh Police before. In order to be appointed as a constable of Bangladesh Police, the applicant was required to have permanent property of the district concerned. This is the first time that the recruiting authority has kindly given jobs to those who do not have land in the concerned district.

A young man was killed when an intercity Egarosindhu Express train collided with a train at Narsingdi railway station. His body was recovered from line number three of Palash Ghorashal station around 5 pm on Saturday (December 16).



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