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The lost little child returned to the arms of his parents

Sohail Ahmadi, a young child who was lost at Kabul airport, finally returned to his parents’ lap.

The two-month-old baby went missing at the airport in Kabul after the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital, Kabul. He was returned to his family on Saturday (January 6). The BBC reports that the baby was found after a Reuters report was released.

How much searching. The urge to get the child back. At last the waiting of the parents was over. After months of trying, the parents got the child back. The child also found his address. This is the story of Sohail Ahmadi, the child who got lost at Kabul airport.

Taxi driver Hamid Safi found Sohail. He said he saw the baby crying alone after falling at the airport. Unable to find his parents, he decided to take Sohail home. Take the baby home and name him Mohammad Abed. He shared pictures of Suhail with his grandchildren on his Facebook page.

The news agency Reuters published a picture of the child with a report on the incident in November. The baby was later found in Kabul. Hamid Safi, 29, returned the child to his relatives in Kabul after seven weeks of negotiations and appeals by Taliban police. Her family members were overjoyed to have the baby back.

On August 19 last year, Sohail was handed over to a U.S. soldier by his parents at a Kabul airport in a crowd of passengers leaving for Afghanistan. They picked up the baby over the airport wall. Thought to take the baby after entering the airport. But the Taliban then pushed everyone back in an attempt to reduce the crowds outside the airport. Due to this, Sohail’s father Mirza Ali Ahmadi and mother Suraiya were late to enter the airport. After that they could no longer find their baby.



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