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The lungs will clear naturally

At present, as the number of corona patients is increasing in Bangladesh, we are losing the rhythm of our normal life again. The most common organ of a patient affected by coronary heart disease is our lungs. Today’s program details how we can keep our lungs clean and healthy in a natural way.

Protecting our lung health from the threat of corona and natural pollution is now a challenge. So make certain lifestyle changes to keep your lungs healthy. This will eliminate the bad effects of corona and air pollution as well as cleanse your lungs naturally.

Some of the many harmful effects of air pollution include headaches, nausea, some allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory diseases and lung diseases. Time is needed to take immediate precautionary measures.

There are certain lifestyle changes, foods and drinks that help clear your liver or lungs. It is very important to have a healthy, balanced diet. Because of air pollution and coronary heart disease, the levels of vitamin D, E, C, calcium, beta carotene, bomaline, omega 3, fatty acids and curcumin are reduced. A nutritious balanced diet can help fill such nutritional deficiencies.

As a result of air pollution and corona, the level of iron in the body also decreases. This may be reflected in low hemoglobin levels. If you are deficient in iron then you must include some more vegetables, beetroot, seeds, black currant, dark molasses, lentils, pineapple and pomegranate.

Include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet for optimal absorption of iron. Avoid tea or coffee with iron-rich foods. This is because this type of food prevents the absorption of iron in the body.

Having calcium-rich foods along with iron-rich foods can also interfere with iron absorption. You can drink refined copper overnight to increase iron absorption. The use of case iron pots in cooking can help increase your hemoglobin levels.

Another way to keep the lungs healthy is to consume more vegetables than rice. Tomatoes, garlic, black pepper, onions, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, coconut oil or pure ghee should be the basis for making these curries, soups or all foods.

Exercise regularly and do certain lung exercises to keep your lungs healthy. It helps to improve respiratory function and reduces the amount of mucus and toxins in the body. You can also continue the habit of regular exercise for peace of mind and good sleep.



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