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The magical properties of raw tomatoes

In winter, the market has a variety of seasonal vegetables. There is no substitute for vegetables to stay healthy, not just in winter, but in all seasons. Red tomatoes are eaten throughout the year to enhance the taste of cooking or to eat chutney on the last leaf. However, many people prefer green tomatoes instead of red tomatoes in winter. Cooking green tomatoes not only enhances the taste but also keeps the health good.

Let us know the magical properties of raw tomatoes:

1) 240 grams of raw tomatoes contain 15 micrograms of vitamin K and 45 milligrams of phosphate. These two ingredients play an effective role in preventing arthritis pain and bone loss in winter.

2) Raw tomatoes rich in Vitamin C and E build up immunity in the body. Green tomatoes are very beneficial for teeth and skin.

3) The cumeric and chlorogenic acids in raw tomatoes protect the body from the effects of carcinogens. In addition, the risk of cancer is slightly reduced.

4) The antioxidant called lycopene in tomatoes keeps the heart healthy. Keeps the skin well. In addition, lycopene also plays a special role in preventing prostate or stomach cancer.

5) Vitamin B and potassium in raw tomatoes play a special role in controlling cholesterol levels in the body as well as keeping blood pressure normal.

6) Vitamin B and potassium in raw tomatoes control cholesterol levels in the body. It also plays a special role in keeping blood pressure normal. This naturally reduces the risk of heart damage. Those with a family history of high cholesterol and high blood pressure should start eating raw tomatoes today. You will see that life expectancy will increase!

6) Raw tomatoes are rich in vitamin A. There is no substitute for Vitamin A to increase hair shine. So if you want to keep your hair beautiful for a long time, then what to do, it must not be said separately. Vitamin A also plays a special role in improving eyesight.

7) Multiple studies have shown that eating tomatoes with seeds reduces the risk of kidney stones to zero.

Source: Anandabazar



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