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The main accused in the case of assaulting Bobby student was arrested

Police have arrested Zahid Hossain Joy, the main accused in a case of indecent assault on a student of Barisal University (BOB). University Proctor. Md. Khorshed Alam has confirmed the matter.

Police arrested the accused from Madaripur on Wednesday (January 12) at 8pm using information technology. Earlier on Wednesday night, the Barisal University student’s husband Sohag Hasan had filed a case against her for allegedly molesting her.

Accused Zahid Hossain Joy was involved in drug trade in the area adjacent to Barisal University for a long time. Apart from this, it is known that he has been in trouble with the students of the university more than once before.
According to police sources, multiple teams of police have made maximum efforts to arrest the main accused Zahid Hossain Joy. However, due to repeated changes of position, it was not possible to catch even using information technology. He was eventually arrested from Madaripur.

Barisal University Proctor. Md. Khorshed Alam said, “This was the first challenge for me after I took over as proctor. I have been researching the matter all the time. I couldn’t even sleep at night.

Incidentally, on Tuesday (January 11) afternoon, a student of Barisal University’s Department of Management Studies went for a walk with her husband Sohag Hasan in the area adjacent to the university. Shortly after the two had talked, Zahid Hasan Joy, son of Farooq Hawladar of the local Char Aicha village, showed his dominance and asked the student why he was there. At one point in the conversation, the young man slapped the university student, led by Liton, a member of the local Union Parishad (UP), and his associates.

Upon hearing the news, some students of the university reached the spot and were forced to retreat. Later, when the incident came to light, at 8.30 pm, the students became enraged and threw brickbats at the house of a local UP member and blocked the highway for some time.

Later, on the assurance of the university authorities, the students withdrew from the movement by setting a time till 10 am on Wednesday (January 12).



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