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The map will change, the message of the new continent with India

The map of the continent will change. The new continent could be a number of countries, including India. Such information has come up in a recent study. A study recently published in the American Journal of Science. It found that Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar in East Africa could join India in 200 million years to form new continents.

The study found that a long mountain range would form along the west coast of India. As a result, a new continent called ‘Somalay’ could be formed. The research team was led by geologist Professor Due Van Hinsbergen. “Our research shows what the mountains and continents will look like in the future,” he said.

“I’ve reconstructed the past,” he said. A continent that has disappeared into the Mediterranean region. Another major continent that has disappeared in Southeast Asia. Whose ruins we see all over Indonesia. But I did not create any future simulations. I discussed this with my student.

According to the research team, climate change will have a major impact on the Seychelles and the Mauritius Islands. Mumbai will be at the foot of the Somali Range, just as New Delhi is at the foot of the Himalayas today. From Trivandrum in southwestern India to Karachi in Pakistan, a depressing picture will emerge.

The Horn of Africa, which includes Somalia, will cross southwestern India and form a huge mountain range, he said. Van Heinsberg explained. Thomas Shoten, a PhD student at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and one of the authors, explains how they came to this conclusion. “We have a lot of research that has reconstructed the past,” he explained.

How the tectonic plates were moved, how fast they went, which way they went, and so on. In our research, we have assumed that the cracks in the African continent and the cracks in the bottom of the East African lakes will continue to divide Africa, creating a continent in the next 200 million years.

“When this continent is created in Africa, we must remove the Indian Ocean,” he said. So basically the beaches of Malabar and the coral reefs, beaches and lowlands will be folded and turned into high peaks. The Seychelles will also be located next to Lakshadweep, and the Malabar Mountains could turn into an eight-thousand-kilometer-high mountain range like the Himalayas, where we can find old coral reefs on top of mountains like Everest.

But why break Africa?

The research team explained that the fault lines that collided with the two ancient continents in the past remained weak. So, continents like Africa can break those old fault lines. In this context, Dr. Van Hinsbergen explains how India separated from Madagascar 90 million years ago.

The most important thing, he said, is that continents do not exist forever. We know today that India has existed for only the last few million years. Before that it was an island. The Indian Ocean will one day come to a standstill. Then it will push India towards a continent. It could be Africa or Antarctica or it could be Australia.

The research team looked to Africa to map the future. They said that Southeast Asia would probably merge with East India. In the future, India may look like Mongolia. Surrounded by high mountain ranges, it is located right in the middle of a huge continent, which may be called Somalia.

The research team said their main goal was to figure out which features of the modern Indian Ocean would be preserved in the mountain belt and which might not. It helps to better reconstruct the Earth’s plate and surface history of the geological past, which is important for helping to understand the evolution of climate, life, and resources.

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