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The Minister of Education said during the SSC and HSC examinations

The government is considering taking SSC and HSC exams in the middle of this year. If the situation is favorable then the public examinations will be held, said the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni.

He made the remarks in response to a question from reporters at a press conference on Monday (January 10) at around 12 noon to announce the decision on the educational institution.

Talking about the government’s views on the candidates, the education minister said, “This year’s exams will not be held on time. Because our students could not take classes. We want to take the test in the middle of the year. We will take classes and test them in a short syllabus. ‘

The minister also advised not to listen to rumors at this time. He said, “The Ministry of Education informs when and how the examination will be held. Believe what we say. Don’t listen to the rumors of who said what on YouTube or Facebook. Listen to responsible people. Then you will get the correct information. ‘

Although it is always known in advance when SSC and HSC exams will be held. But this time it will not be possible to inform much earlier, said Dipu Moni. “We do not know when the situation will be,” he said. If the situation is not very favorable then we have nothing to do. If the situation is in our hands then we will definitely take the tests. ‘

“We will make the decision keeping in mind that the educational life of the students is less affected and they do not suffer from depression.”

The education minister also said that the educational institution will not be closed now. However, he advised those who are at high risk to take online classes at home.

“We are in a better position now than when we opened the institute,” he said. There was no vaccine then, now almost everyone has been vaccinated. Now the educational institutions will not be closed. Hygiene will be enforced. Educational institutions will run on a limited scale.

The education minister further said, I will sit again after seven days. The situation will be reviewed. If I ever feel the need to stop, I’ll stop.



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