Home Techonology The new iPhone feature will not charge more than 80 percent

The new iPhone feature will not charge more than 80 percent

The new iPhone feature will not charge more than 80 percent

Apple recently unveiled four phones of the much-awaited iPhone 15 series. These are iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The biggest change seen in the features of this series of phones is the USB Type-C port for charging. After replacing the Lightning port with the Type-C port on the new iPhone, various questions have arisen among consumers.

Recently, in a question-and-answer session of the American technology-based media The Verge, a great thing came to light. And that is – the iPhone 15 series phones have a feature that will not allow the battery to charge more than 80 percent. If the option is activated in the settings, the user will no longer have to wait to turn off the phone after the charge reaches 80 percent, instead the phone will automatically stop charging. Which will keep the phone’s battery healthy.

According to Apple Insider, many users consciously try to keep the charge between 40 and 80 percent to get the most out of the battery. But iPhone 15 series phone users don’t have to worry about that. Activating the feature in settings will do it.

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If the phone is charged 100 percent, it can provide battery backup for a long time, but it is not good for the battery at all!

According to Gadget 360’s report, it is never right to charge the phone’s battery more than 80 percent. The last 20 percent charge of the battery causes overheating which reduces battery life. This applies to any phone, not just the iPhone. So if you charge the phone regularly up to 80%, then the battery will be fine.

Earlier, Apple phones had a similar feature called ‘Optimized Battery Charging’. This feature prevents the iPhone from charging more than 80 percent. However, the new feature of the iPhone 15 series includes battery, battery health and charging optimization options for charging.

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