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The position of JU teachers in support of Shabiprabi students

A group of teachers of Jahangirnagar University held a sit-in program at the Shaheed Minar on the initiative of the teachers. They took this position in solidarity with the movement of students of Shahjalal University against unjust oppression.

The program was held on Wednesday (January 26) at 11:30 am at the premises of Shaheed Minar, Jahangirnagar University.

Prof. Anwarullah Bhuiyan, Professor of Philosophy, Mirza Taslima Sultana, Professor of Anthropology, Prof. Saeed Ferdous and Prof. Mahmudul Hasan Sumon, Prof. Jiban Khandaker of Drama and Drama Theory, Associate Professor of Economics Sharmind Nilormi Prom were present on the occasion.

Anu Muhammad, a professor of economics at the event, said: Besides, we want the Vice-Chancellors who have expressed their desire to resign for Shabi Vice-Chancellor to resign along with the VC. The logical issue on which the Shabi students started the movement is that not only them but every university has this problem. Jahangirnagar University also has problems with the quality of food in the dining hall. According to a study, the quality of nutrition that students get by eating in the university’s dining hall is “below the extreme poverty line.”

He also demanded from the University Grants Commission that “the role of the Vice-Chancellor in every university, especially in the role of the contractor project, should be made clear to the people about what the Vice-Chancellors have really done, for and against education.”

Saeed Ferdous, a professor in the Department of Anthropology, said, “There was a time when the Vice-Chancellors informed the government that the police could not enter the public university whenever they wanted to enter the campus. But it is clear from the situation of Shabiprabir that at present the police and the government’s petty forces and Chhatra League are in the forefront to protect the Vice-Chancellor. Despite all this, the movement that the brave students of Shabir have maintained is their success. ”

Professor Anwarullah Bhuiyan, a teacher in the philosophy department of the university, said: Although dictatorship, malpractice and corruption have become a regular feature of every university, the Minister of Education has not taken any action on these issues. ”
At that time, ordinary students of the university and leaders and activists of leftist political organizations were also present in the sit-in program with the teachers.



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