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The Rangamati administration is in a tough position to enforce restrictions in Corona

After declaring Rangamati a red zone, the district administration has convened an emergency meeting to decide what to do to prevent the spread of corona virus. The meeting was held on Thursday (January 13) at 11:30 am in the conference room of the district administration.

At the meeting, everyone was instructed to wear compulsory masks, shopping malls should be closed by 8 pm and food hotels by 10 pm. It was also decided to meet half of the people in the tourist centers. Failure to follow the instructions will result in a fine.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Superintendent of Police Mir Modasser Hossain, Civil Surgeon. Bipash Khisa, Mayor Akbar Hossain Chowdhury and others.

Civil Surgeon Bipash Khisa told the meeting that the corona detection rate in these seven days from January 3 to January 9 was 10 percent so it falls under this red zone. This may be due to the low number of tests. However, the number of corona identities was 28 in December, but in 14 days of January it has dropped to 28.

So far, 31,663 students have been vaccinated against coronavirus. Which is 63 percent more than the average. Rangamati is also ahead of the rest of the country in terms of general immunization. 53 percent on average. Despite the inaccessibility, this goal has been achieved through the joint efforts of all. ‘

He said that according to the Department of Health, the average vaccination rate across the country is 45 percent. In Rangamati, a total of 28 people were affected by corona, out of which 1 was admitted to the isolation center. We have all kinds of preparations to provide medical services to Corona patients.

Superintendent of Police Mir Modachcher Hossain said the police would work hard to enforce the restrictions as before. At the same time, the activities of the tourist police in the tourist area will be further increased. In all cases, all restrictions must be obeyed. Those who do not abide by the rules will be fined and jailed if necessary.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mizanur Rahman said, “Do not panic over the declaration of red zone and follow the hygiene rules.” However, we have taken the utmost caution. Our efforts to comply with health regulations have been further enhanced. Everyone should be aware as well as mobile courts are being set up regularly to follow the instructions from the district administration. There will be miking for awareness from all mosques. During this time, he sought the cooperation of all to fight the corona virus.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Superintendent of Police Mir Modasser Hossain. Civil Surgeon Dr. Bipash Khisa, Mayor Akbar Hossain Chowdhury and other local market leaders visited various market areas.

On the other hand, a mobile court of the district administration has been operating in Rangamati since morning to enforce restrictions to prevent corona infection. The mobile court is being operated in different areas of the city including Tabalchhari, Banarupa, Reserve Bazar, College Gate, Vedvedi.

There are executive magistrates and police of the district administration in the field. 7 people have been fined Tk 3,600 for not following the health rules till 2 pm.

In addition, 4 mobile teams have been working in the field since Thursday morning to enforce the restrictions at all corners of the city.



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