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The roar of Royal Bengal in the home of the world champions

The light of dawn has not yet been seen in the sky of Bangladesh. At the same time, a new dawn of Bangladesh cricket has dawned in New Zealand, a country on the shores of Tasman, 12,000 kilometers away. After defeating the world Test champions for the first time, the flamboyant boys of Bengal flew the flag of victory. Those who sat in front of the TV screen with sleepy eyes in the early hours of Wednesday (January 5). They are going to witness a glorious dawn that they may not have imagined. The historic victory of Mount Manganui brought tears to their eyes!

Most people did not believe that the recent performance of the Bangladesh cricket team, whether it was a win or a draw, could only be fought on a tour of New Zealand. The inexperienced and youth-dependent Red-Green forces had to play without the country’s best opener Tamim Iqbal or the world’s best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan. However, the lack of Shakib-Tamim in the impeccable performance of the young Turks of the team was never understood. Bangladesh has done what India or Pakistan, the superpowers of world cricket, could not do.

Even a couple of weeks ago, the country’s cricket was in turmoil due to field performances and various controversial activities. Nakanichubani had to play in the T20 and Test series against Pakistan at home after the collapse of the T20 World Cup. It was a litmus test to face the Test world champions in the midst of unrest inside and outside the team. However, the Bangladesh team passed the test well.

There were many memorable moments in the cricket of this country. But in the end that Mahendrakshan came very rarely. Repeatedly the boat came ashore and sank. Fans have been floating on the raft of grief. Even at the end of the fourth day of the recently concluded Test against New Zealand, when the chances of Bangladesh’s victory were blossoming, there seemed to be a lot of doubt and uncertainty. But in the end ‘Bangladesh Create History’. Bangladesh has made history in the heart of Mount Manganui. And this is not only a victory, but also the best achievement of cricket in the country.

The Tigers have never had any success on Kiwi soil before. With that elite version of Gero Cuttle Cricket, again by a huge margin of 8 wickets. Incredible, unimaginable, extraordinary – no adjective is enough to compare this victory. Undoubtedly, this is the best moment of Bangladesh cricket so far. The Bangladesh team has been playing in New Zealand for the last two decades. But the Red-Greens could not win a single match despite playing a total of 32 matches against New Zealand in three formats namely ODI, Test or T20. This time the wait is over. However, the greatness of this victory is further enhanced when the statistics show that New Zealand has never lost at home in the last four and a half years. Even the last defeat of the country against the Asian countries was a century ago. India, the Asian superpower, had to return to Whitewash to play on New Zealand soil. At the press conference after the match on Wednesday, Mominul Haque, one of the craftsmen and test takers of this historic victory, also admitted that this is the best victory of Bangladesh considering the environmental conditions.

Muminul Haque mentioned the team performance after the historic victory of Bangladesh. Young Mahmudul Hasan Joy with bat and Liton Kumar Das who are in continuous rhythm have spread the light. Similarly, Ebadat-Taskins have spread radiance with the ball. However, it is important to mention the name of a person who has had to endure a storm of criticism for getting a place in the Test team. I am talking about Ebadat Hossain. At the beginning of his life he was a soldier of Bangladesh Air Force. He used to play volleyball there. Later, through Robbie pacer hunt, he used his speed and height to enter the net of Bangladesh national team. Then the coaches of that time liked the red-green cap. This boy is now the hero of Bangladesh epic in New Zealand. Even two days ago, the supporters were vocal in their criticism. Today the whole internet is floating in his eulogy. Ebadat’s achievement is not in the eyes of millions of sleeping supporters.

Meanwhile, after the resounding victory of Bangladesh, the world media or even the cricketing greats are floating the tigers of Bengal in the tide of praise. After such a glorious victory, the Kolkata-based media headlined the daily, “Kupokat Kiwira in Ebadat, Bangladesh’s history of winning Tests on New Zealand soil”. Anandabazar also headlined, “Bangladesh wins after 21 years, wins over New Zealand and sets many records.” Bangladesh. ‘However, these media outlets used to write epics of criticism and humor about Tiger cricket.

The Tigers are being worshiped all over the cricket world. According to India’s legendary Test cricketer VVS Laxman, this is a great achievement for Bangladesh. The thrill of which will remain in everyone’s mind for a long time. One would think that a team at the bottom of the Tests would lose the Test champions in this way. This is the beauty in the eyes of Wasim Zafar, another legend of India. The Underdog team’s win is an additional inspiration, he wrote. Another former Indian cricketer, Akash Chopra, wrote that 2021 was a great year for Test cricket. 2022 also started brilliantly.

Neighboring Sri Lanka’s current and former cricketers also seem to be floating in the flood of good wishes for the Tigers. Sri Lankan Test captain Dimuth Koranaratne has lauded the believers for their hard work in winning the Tests on New Zealand soil. New Zealand pacer Mitchell McLennan is disappointed at the rate of his teammates. However, he did not forget to congratulate the opponent hiding all the frustrations. Praise also came from the foremen. Former England captain Michael Vaughan writes, Brilliant Bangladesh. That is all we deserve after the historic victory.

A few days ago, while writing about Bangladesh cricket, I gave the headline ‘Bangladesh cricket on the back of a bizarre camel’. One win may bring some relief to the country’s cricket. But this relief will never last long if you do not get your hands on the problem at the beginning. And without going into the politics of credit for success, our policy makers should take this victory as an inspiration and sort out future action plans.

Author – Sports Journalist.



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