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The secret to getting rid of thorny issues in a new car tire

New car tires usually have thorny parts. But have you ever wondered why they exist or why they are kept out?

A man named Tofizul Haque from Murshidabad in West Bengal wrote about this on He studied Mechanical Engineering at Murshidabad Institute of Technology.

He writes in his post that the thorny rubber parts on the outside of the tire are called vent spray. Which can be seen in the new tires. They are not made intentionally or they do not enhance the performance of a tire. These are made while curing a tire.

Tofizul Haque said that tire curing is a method where the green tires made of soft rubber are vulcanized with pressure and heat and the tires are brought to the final form.

Here are the things to look for when selecting a tire:

Tire mold is a mold made of metal. It can be separated into two or more parts and the mold is restored by inserting the green tire and attaching the parts.

The other is green tires. The parts used to make tires, such as beads, rubber plywood, steel belts, etc., are assembled to give the tire an initial appearance. Green tires stay inside the mold when curing. Green tire rubber is soft.

Tire curing bladder made of rubber. When curing, the bladder is inserted into the green tire.

The tire curing process takes place in a tire curing press. This process involves injecting hot water or steam into the bladder and applying high pressure and heat to the green tire so that the green tire gets mold-shaped and immediately gets the shape and strength of the tire it is made of.

During the final process some amount of air gets trapped between the green tire and the mold. And if this air is not blown out, some defects are created in the tires. Some fine holes are placed in the mold to get the air out. These are called spray holes or vent sprays. When the cue tries to get out with some rubber spray hole along with the air under extreme pressure and heat so we can see the vent spray on the made tire.

Kuwait is making more than 42 million discarded tires recyclable. Old tires are being used to make carpets, bags and other daily necessities. Environmentalists are applauding such an initiative.

Kuwait is known as one of the oldest tire dumping hubs in the world. Old tires are burned there every day. It emits chemicals and black smoke. Kuwaitis are at health risk.

The country has recently recycled more than 42 million tires to save the world from environmental pollution. Global recycling company Epsco has launched a project to recycle discarded tires.

The government of Kuwait, in collaboration with a private company, is processing old tires to make carpets, bags and other necessities.

“We have recycled 2.5 million tires since January,” said Hamoud al-Mari, CEO of Al Khair Group. We are also producing diesel and fuel by removing chemicals from old tires.

Necessary products are being made using the tires without burning them for the welfare of the society. They can be exported.

According to the Kuwait Bureau of Statistics, in 2019, there were 2.4 million vehicles for 4.5 million people.

The global recycling company is capable of recycling more than 3 million discarded tires a year.



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