Home Entertainment The trailer of Faruqi’s ‘Autobiography’ was released

The trailer of Faruqi’s ‘Autobiography’ was released

The trailer of Faruqi's 'Autobiography' was released

Mostafa Saryar Faruqi, the famous director of Bangladesh, has always worked behind the camera. But he knows how to get performance from the actors. However, this producer himself never treaded the path of acting. Finally he came to acting under his own direction.

The one minute and 44 second trailer of ‘Autobiography’ gives a glimpse of the love story of Mustafa Sarayar Farooqui and Nusrat Imroz Tisha. The ups and downs of their relationship result.

Meanwhile, ‘Autobiography’ will premiere at the 28th Busan Film Festival this month. The movie has been selected in the competition category ‘Jisok’.

Earlier, Mustafa Saryar Farooqui said, “I have been working for twenty-five years.” I tried to tell different stories. Each of them has touched people in different ways. Some may be more, some may be less. I tried to constantly monitor how the acting should be, what story is important to tell. But what I have never tried to do is acting.

The maker comments: “Both Tisha and I knew from the time of writing the movie ‘Autobiography’ that we both have to act here. At first I was hesitant about it. Because acting is a vulnerable job. And acting in this story is more vulnerable. After hearing the story Redwan Rony said, boss, you have to do this character. Even then, if my doubts are not resolved, Tisha helps me to make a decision. He (Tisha) said, ‘You can do this story only once in your life. Do it, please!’ After that, the rest is history….”

12 filmmakers are coming up with 12 films in Charki. And this entire project is named ‘Ministry of Love’. It is supervised by Mustafa Sarayer Farooqi. He himself is producing 2 movies of this project. These are: ‘Manogami’ and ‘Something Like an Autobiography’.

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