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The United States has a new way of dealing with China

To counter China, the United States will set up US bases in Guam, Micronesia, and Australia. US President Joe Biden has already instructed the Pentagon on the issue. But Russian President Vladimir Putin says the United States is escalating regional tensions in the name of tackling China.

The tension between the United States and China is growing day by day. No one is willing to give up on the trade war or the recent Taiwan issue. The United States is pushing for an end to China’s influence in the South China Sea. The Pentagon is planning to build US military bases in the Micronesian islands of Guam and Australia to meet the latest challenge from Beijing. Shortly after taking office in February, US President Joe Biden instructed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to review the global situation. The Pentagon will build military bases in Guam and Australia under Biden’s direction, according to a CNN report.
In the meantime, Biden has reviewed the global situation and approved the implementation of Austin’s recommendations. The Pentagon report called for a reduction in the number of military personnel and equipment in other parts of the world, with more emphasis on Asia and the Pacific. The reason is China’s continued strong position in the region. In addition, military construction across the Pacific islands has been given priority.

The report says the Pentagon has been forced to give Beijing priority over the country’s successive hypersonic missile tests, in addition to escalating tensions with China over the recent Taiwan issue.

The Pentagon has not yet clarified its position on Russia, another superpower, as well as China. The U.S. military is said to be in the process of rebuilding Eastern Europe. Austin also said that the war against the militant group IS in the Middle East will continue.

Beijing has said the United States will not be given a hair’s breadth on the Taiwan issue. On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin has commented that increasing China’s military power is the need of the hour. At the same time, he said he would stand by China in any situation.

“The United States has been trying to intimidate us with China,” Putin said. When they themselves became frightened by the failure, China began to adopt new strategies on the issue. They are undermining peace and stability in the region by forming regional alliances like Akash. Besides, tension is spreading here.
The Russian president has said that Russia has a strong defense system and is not worried about increasing its military presence.



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