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The United States shelters murderers in the name of democracy: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the United States gives shelter to the murderers by talking about democracy. Despite repeated requests, the country did not return the assassins of Bangabandhu.

He unveiled the wrapper of Mujib’s memoir titled ‘Bangabandhu and Justice and the Voice of Justice’ published by the Bangladesh Supreme Court in a video conference from Ganobhaban on Tuesday (December 26) afternoon.

The Prime Minister said the Awami League has never interfered in the work of the judiciary.

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman became a shining beacon for the independence of Bengalis. In order to arouse the subjugated population in armed struggle, not only physical torture was inflicted on them, but at that time the sword of oppression was brandished through the courts.

How were those days, how were the times of various cases of the Father of the Nation in the verandah of the court or in the court. This time a rare book has been published to spread the indescribable initiation of the struggling life of the best Bengali for thousands of years to the new generation.

The Mujib centenary book titled ‘Bangabandhu and the Judiciary’ and the Mujib Year memoir titled ‘Nyay Kantha’ were published by the Bangladesh Supreme Court on the occasion of Mujib centenary. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina attended the unveiling ceremony from Ganobhaban through Virtual.

The Prime Minister spoke on the occasion highlighting various chapters of the struggle of the Father of the Nation. Sheikh Hasina said that although the constitution speaks of justice, it was misunderstood during the time of Ziaur Rahman.

“Where were the basic rights, where were the human rights,” he said. If I had not survived or if I had not come to power, this trial would never have taken place. Someone had the courage to do this.

Although the murderers of the father of the nation were tried through a historic verdict, the punishment for the fugitive murderers did not go away. The government raises the main question, how are the countries that talk about democracy and human rights harboring murderers?

Sheikh Hasina said that Canada has given shelter to Nur and the murderer Rashed is still in the United States. The biggest thing is those who always talk about justice, talk about democracy, talk about voter rights. Then, when the trial took place, these murderers took refuge.

“I have repeatedly asked all the presidents who have come to the government since you came to power how you give shelter to a convicted criminal,” he said. We have to hear from them the law, we have to hear about democracy, we have to hear about justice. It amazes me.

Besides English, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also suggested opening a separate wing or division if necessary to implement the process of writing judgment in Bengali besides English.



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