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The WHO chief hopes to win the epidemic in the new year

World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanam Gabriasus hopes to win the Corona epidemic in the new year. He made the remarks two years after the World Health Organization (WHO) first became aware of a mysterious type of pneumonia in China.

On the last day of the year (Friday, December 31), on the last day of 2021, he expressed this hope in the message of the arrival of the new year on LinkedIn.
“It’s been two years since we’ve known the virus,” he said. We have learned to control infections by using masks, avoiding crowds, maintaining physical distance, adhering to hygiene rules, keeping air flow, checking corona and finding the source of infection.

The head of the WHO said: “We are able to treat this disease, and the chances of survival of the critically ill have increased. With these teachings and capabilities, we have the opportunity to end the epidemic.

However, he warned that the longer the inequality persists, the longer the epidemic will last.

He added that in two years, Corona’s fight equipment had been unevenly distributed around the world. In Africa, 3 out of every 4 health workers have not been vaccinated. There has been a third booster dose in Europe and the United States.

“If we can end inequality, we will be able to end the epidemic,” he said. It is possible to put an end to the nightmares that we all have in the world.

As part of the New Year’s plan, the head of the World Health Organization said he would work with the government to vaccinate 80 percent of the world’s population under the global immunization program by mid-2022.

On the other hand, corona infection is increasing in different countries of the world. This time Corona has also invaded Antarctica.

Corona infections have been on the rise around the world since the new type of corona, Omicron, spread. In the meantime, many countries are setting new records for coronary heart disease. This time the deadly virus has also invaded the uninhabited continent of Antarctica. Authorities have confirmed that 25 members of the Belgian Princess Polar Station in the region were infected with the corona.

Meanwhile, the detection rate of corona is also increasing in Italy. The country has a new record of corona identification in a single day. In one day, more than 130,000 corona patients were identified in Italy. More than 150 died at the time.

Corona infections have also broken records in Argentina under the influence of Omicron. The country’s health department said on Friday that more than 50,000 cases had been identified in a single day. Vaccination has been made compulsory for 13-year-olds to attend any public gathering to control the infection.

In addition, the head of the World Health Organization has expressed hope that the epidemic will be overcome despite the increase in infections around the world. Inequality in the distribution of vaccines is being created due to the narrow nationalism of some countries and the tendency to stockpile vaccines. This is creating an outbreak of Omicron variant. He thinks that it will be possible to end the epidemic only if we can put an end to the inequality of vaccines.

Meanwhile, the Christian New Year has begun. The new year is celebrated in the country through colorful lighting and fireworks. New Zealanders welcome 2022 as the first country in the world. Many people in Auckland rejoice in the dazzling fireworks. Then Australia welcomed the new year. Although limited in scope due to corona infection, New Year’s Eve is celebrated all over the world. Source Reuters.



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