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The world is decorated in the colorful light of Christmas

The biggest Christian holiday is Christmas. To this end, different countries have been decorated in colorful light. Traditional people of different ages are crowding in different installations and different occasions. Despite the omicron risk, there was no ebb in the organization. This year’s report is about organizing Christmas in different parts of the world.

Will Christmas come again without Santa Claus? But this time, not only on land, but also under water. Divers dive into an aquarium dressed as Santa Claus. And outside the thick glass enclosed aquarium crowd of visitors. Agatras are enjoying such an exceptional event in Paris, France on the occasion of Christmas.

Riding on a camel, Santa Claus Sage is announcing that the biggest festival of the Christians is ‘Christmas’. Such a picture can be seen in Jerusalem. There is no shortage of festivals in the Czech Republic.

People of different ages have become mesmerized by the melody playing the violin. All the old people who are busy organizing dance-songs in the city streets have come to enjoy the joy of Christmas.

“I think it’s very enjoyable for everyone,” said locals. We are much happier to see the joy of the kids here. After a long time, everyone feels good together. You say you don’t enjoy Christmas in the hospital, do you? So a group of young people are busy entertaining the children in the hospital buildings of Italy on the occasion of Christmas.

Various festivals have also been organized in Mexico. There are all kinds of decorations, colorful balls, Christmas trees, Santa Claus. Apart from this, special meals and parties are being organized in the hotels and restaurants.

It is Jesus’ birthday, so there is no shortage of excitement for the little ones. They are flocking to Brazil to see a whole ship decorated with Christmas trees and colorful illuminations.

The whole world is worried about the new variant Omicron in Corona. Even after that, there is no shortage in organizing the festival. The church is being decorated in different colors to make the 25th of December colorful. Special prayers are being prepared. Everyone’s hope is that in the new year, the darkness will be removed and the world will be filled with happiness, prosperity and joy.

The traditional Park Street of Kolkata has been transformed. Christmas is just a few hours away. The aura of Christmas seems to be spreading in the night light all over the city. Many people, including friends and family, have already gone out to see the Park Street lighting to get a taste of the festival in advance.

There is no end to the curiosity about Park Street. Witnessing the British colony, there are signs of British rule in every brick masonry on the 2.6 km road from Kolkata Maidan to Mallikbazar.

This street was built in 182. Once upon a time there were numerous almond trees on both sides of this road. That’s why many people used to call Park Street as Badamtala. Although almond trees no longer exist today. There is only Park Street.

Anglo-Indians have lived on both sides of the road since British times. Restaurants, bars, churches and offices were built for them.

Even today, Bengalis and non-Bengalis celebrate Christmas by walking on this road. Christmas means bathing in the light of Park Street.

There is usually no place to store sesame seeds in Park Street at this time. People of all walks of life, young and old, rejoiced at the festival.



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