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The youngsters are watching the BPL

There is still a long way to go in the current BPL. However, in the meantime, the youth are drawing attention. Mohammad Salauddin, one of the best coaches in the country, thinks that this is a good year for T20 World Cup. The Comilla Victorians coach said that young Turks like Tanvir Islam-Mrityunjaya will gain experience if they play with foreign cricketers.

In the ongoing franchise leagues around the world, there is a fight with Universe boss Chris Gayle. Fans also flock to the star-studded team. The teams also dream of winning with them. But cricket is now a team game. You can’t win just by having a high profile cricketer. In popular cricket leagues like IPL, Big Bash or BPL, even a well-known cricketer gets stardom overnight.

These are also the pipelines for players to come up now. This time the BPL has got an extra level. The T20 World Cup is in Australia in October this year. That is why the youth in Bangabandhu BPL have been trying to shine from the very beginning. One of them is Tanvir Islam, a left-handed Orthodox bowler from Comilla Victorians. He took 5 wickets in 3 matches. The average is only 5.

Salauddin, one of the best coaches in the country, is dreaming about this 25-year-old bowler. He said Tanvir had played three or four BPLs before. But I think the teams could not use him that way. White says he is a great bowler. He can understand the batsman and bowl. If he is played with care, he will be a great asset for Bangladesh in future.

Apart from Tanvir, many others are drawing light. Mrityunjay Chowdhury, a member of the Under-19 World Cup winning team. Sylhet won the match by scoring a hat trick against Sunrisers and came into the discussion again. He took 3 wickets in 2 matches. If youngsters do well, it will be good for the future cricket of the country, said Salauddin.

Salauddin said local cricketers are doing well in this year’s BPL. It got bigger.

Besides the youth, BPL is also a platform for many cricketers to return to the national team. It remains to be seen how much Enamul Haque Vijay, Sabbir Rahman and Mosaddeq can use that opportunity in the end.



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