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Theft is not stopping at Rooppur project

Important electrical cables have been reported stolen from two lever cranes at the Rooppur nuclear power plant under construction. The cranes are used for lifting goods on the waterways along the Padma. The value of these cables stolen from a 126-wheeled crane specially made for the project is Tk 75 lakh.

A few days after the theft of the cable, a case was filed in this regard at Rooppur project in Ishwardi police station of Pabna around 11 pm on Wednesday (January 19). Director of Security VN Turutin has filed the case as a plaintiff.

According to the case file, the cables were kept inside the Rooppur project during the observation till December 30. But on January 9, during the mechanical inspection of the two lever cranes on the ship again, 265 meters important cable was not found. Since then, the movement of goods at the jetty built for the Rooppur project has been irregular.

According to sources close to the project, the cables were stolen from two cranes between December 30 and January 9. But even though such a huge amount of money has been lost, no one in charge of the project wants to open his mouth about it.

Rooppur project director to know about this. Saukat Akbar was called more than once but it was not possible to talk to him.

However, Ashraful Islam, site engineer of Rooppur project, said that the issue of theft was not resolved at all. Each subcontractor has its own security here. In addition, there is the security of various organizations. The main contractor Rosatom also has some responsibilities.

He added that last week, the director of the Rooppur project. Saukat Akbar also came to Rooppur project and had meetings with many people including the army. At this time everyone is urged to work with caution. We are also taking the matter very seriously.

Ishwardi Police Station OC Asaduzzaman said that after 11 pm on Wednesday, the director of security from Rooppur project submitted a statement for the case. The case was taken up at night.

Regarding the theft, the OC said that those involved in the theft of the cable of the crane, they may have been there regularly or have an idea about the machine. If not, how could such an important thing be stolen?

He added that SI Atiqul Islam, in-charge of Pakshi outpost, has been assigned to investigate the case.

Five people were arrested for stealing about 10 tonnes of iron (rods and pipes) from a nuclear power plant under construction at Rooppur in Pabna. Among them was a former leader of Chhatra League. On the night of December 26, the security personnel of the project arrested them and handed them over to the police station.

Earlier, a businessman was allegedly beaten and seriously injured when he informed the concerned authorities about the theft of five trucks of iron used for the Rooppur nuclear power project led by a local MP. The incident took place at noon on February 9 last year in the New Hat area adjacent to the Rooppur nuclear project. The injured businessman’s name is Sohail Rana (45). He is the managing director of Bangla Power Service, a subcontractor of the project. There was a huge uproar all over the country over the issue.



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